White Compression Stockings for Nurses

Compression stockings have become more and more popular among nurses. This is very reasonable if we consider all the positive effects of compression garments on blood circulation and health of the extremities. Graduated compression stockings help prevent muscle pain, calf cramps and fatigue. However nurses also wish to look great in the hospital. White goes excellently with the colour of their scrubs, so more and more healthcare workers have started to wear white compression stockings for nurses.

The thing about nursing compression stockings is that they are visible. Most scrubs end around the knees, so everybody can see the socks or the stockings the nurse is wearing. This is why so many nursing compression stockings have fun, but stylish design. Some stockings are see-through, some come in a brown colour, but some are white. In this article I will review the best white nursing compression stockings.

The models I will review in this article are:

SOOVERKI Knee-high Graduated Compression Stockings

Truform Closed Toe White Compression Stockings

Truform Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

Best White Compression Stockings For Nurses Features

There are a wide variety of compression stocking brands available for nurses. There are also different types of socks available.

But what are the defining factors of the best white compression stockings for nurses? What defines the best products? Which features are absolutely essential, and which are unnecessary extras that were only invented as a sales gimmick to separate you from your money.

Graduated compression

This is a must. Graduated refers to the compression technology used in the stockings. The pressure is largest around the ankles, and gradually subsides as the stockings get higher on the legs. Hence its name.

This type of compression aids blood circulation the most without any adverse side effects. The compression helps the valves circulate the most where the force of gravity pulls on the blood the strongest.

Most compression socks and stockings you will find on the market are graduated. Medical compression stockings are available only with doctor’s prescriptions, and they are mostly used with bed ridden and edema patients.


Since shifts for nurses can last for twelve hours or more, breathability is a must when it comes to compression stockings.  If the material is not breathable, your sweat can’t evaporate from your skin. You would be walking in stockings soaked in sweat. This would be very unhygienic and uncomfortable.

Most products are made with a special knitting technology using spandex and nylon. Sometimes mesh is added to this mix. This makeup ensures comfort, breathability and…

Perfect fit

The compression stockings have to fit your feet perfectly. If they are too loose, the stockings can’t affect circulation in a positive manner. If they are too tight the stockings will cut off blood flow rather than helping it.

Most stockings have a rubber band at the top. This top keeps them attached to your legs and prevents them from slipping down.

Make sure to always check the size chart of a product on its Amazon page before ordering it. Also the reviews might give a hint whether the product is smaller or larger than you would expect.

Without further ado let’s look at the best white compression stockings for nurses. Which products should you consider buying?

SOOVERKI Knee-high Graduated Compression Stockings

These compression stockings have high nylon content. They have up to 85% nylon. The quick drying fibers of these socks prevent bacterial  and fungi growth. The material makeup is ideal for people with sensitive skin, the material is super comfortable.

The SOOVERKI compression stockings put between 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression on your lover legs. This is an ideal strength even if you suffer from calf cramps. With these socks the frequent leg pain you experience at the end of your shifts will be gone for sure.

Not only are these quality products, they are also cost effective. You get six pairs of compression stockings for the price of a regular pair of compression socks. The company is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have any problems with the comfort, fit or compression of the stockings just send them back and they refund your money no questions asked.

Truform Closed Toe White Compression Stockings

An extremely comfortable pair of compression stockings created with therapeutic comfort in mind. These unisex white compression stockings hold your legs firmly. The toe pockets are very comfortable. They provide support for your toes, but at the same time don’t hold them too tightly. These socks do a great job of finding the middle ground where they are just firm enough around the toes without obstructing it.

Their compression range is in the high levels. They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. This makes them excellent for treating even acute cases of leg pain. Also if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, lower leg varicose veins or shin splints these stockings can be your saviour. Use them if you suffer from leg swelling or inflammation.

FDA approved to assure successful treatment and quality compression.


Truform Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

This model is the same as the model above, with a crucial distinction. It is an open toe model. It is designed for those who like a little bit more wiggle room around their toes. This also means they are easier to put on. You can pull them on your legs like tubes. This might make them easier and more comfortable to apply for those with hip problems.


Nurses can benefit immensely from compression stockings. White compression stockings for nurses look good with the scrubs used in most hospitals, which makes them essential clothing items for any nurse who wants to work free of leg pain, swelling and calf cramps.

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