Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks Review

Tommie Copper made a name for themselves with manufacturing compression products with copper content to relieve users of aching ligaments. The Tommie Copper Men’s Exo Compression Socks helps blood circulation by applying graduated compression to the body parts it is used on. The increased blood circulation helps relieve muscle ache, prevent muscle cramps and keep your legs clean. Copper infused graduated compression socks not only help blood circulation, but also exercise their antibacterial properties to keep the skin clean and hygienic. In this Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks review I will take an honest look at the pros and cons of these copper infused compression socks.

Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks Key Characteristics

  • Anti-bacterial: Tommie Copper Compression Socks contain copper ions, which are renowned for their antibacterial qualities. They also destroy yeast and fungi. This quality of copper has been backed up by numerous researchers too. It is no wonder that copper is used for a variety of other healthcare purposes too. Some people suggest the copper ions have positive effects on muscle functioning too, although this effect had not been demonstrated by any scientific papers so far.
  • Graduated compression: The graduated compression technology puts the largest pressure on the spot on the legs furthest away from the heart, and then slightly decreases as the socks get higher up the legs. This type of compression aids blood flow the most without adverse effects.  Maximum pressure is applied at the ankle, around half pressure around the ankles and 30 % at the top of the compression socks.
  • UV protection: Do you enjoy running outside? The Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks have UPF 50+ UV protection. Feel free to run even in the hardest sunlight with the knowledge that your skin is protected.
  • Comfortable material: The socks are made of 62% nylon, 8 % spandex and 30 % copper infused nylon. The copper infused nylon is knitted with a modern technology, that insures an equal distribution of copper over the skin. The material is stretchable, holds your legs tightly like a cradle without hindering your movement.
  • Added comfort: The socks have extra padding on the heels and toes to absorb the impact of your steps on the ground. An ergonomic design keeps the socks tight on your feet, without causing skin burn or being too tight.
  • Seamless design: Perfectly designed and manufactured to avoid skin burn and chaffing.

Benefits of Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks

  • Tommie Copper is the major manufacturer of copper infused compression socks, with years of experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering top quality graduated compression socks.
  • Graduated compression socks have been proven to improve running performance, especially running endurance, maximum muscle power and reduce recovery time.
  • Apart from athletic performance and recovery, the Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks were excellent for ending varicose veins, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.
  • Some copper compression sock manufacturers claim that the copper ion content of the socks helps relieve muscle pain, prevents calf cramps and reduces inflammation.
  • The emission of copper ions from the material of the socks and their absorption through the skin helps angiogenesis. This is the production of new blood vessels from previous vessels.
  • The contact of copper and the skin helps reduce body odour, bacterial and fungi growth, improves skin tone and texture, and improves hygiene.

According to the Amazon reviews the Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks that they come in the correct size, as suggested on the company’s website.They come in four colours, black, red, grey, yellow. They can be washed and dried in machines. They are one of the pricier copper compression socks on the market, but they have excellent quality, and they are well worth their value. However as far as premium compression socks go, they are priced at a lower point than some other products in the same price range.  The Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks put between 15 and 25 mm Hg graduated compression on the legs. They are knee high socks that increase blood circulation under the knees. They are excellent for increasing athletic performance, reducing recovery time and treating common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

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