The Best Compression Socks for Nurses Below Thirty Dollars Per Pair

If you have been working as a nurse for long enough, you probably experienced severe leg pains, swelling, plantar fasciitis, ulcers or varicose veins. If you are unlucky, you had to deal with more than one of these conditions.

This is common for anybody making their paycheck with a standing occupation. However by wearing compression socks, nurses can easily fight or even completely eliminate these symptoms.

This article is for those nurses who are looking for the best compression socks in a middle price range. These models provide all the benefits a premium product can, but you don’t need to sacrifice a significant part of your paycheck for them.

I consider products for prices below fifteen dollars per pair to be value products. They are perfect if you want to buy en masse. They can be valuable members of your wardrobe, they are perfect if you are looking for products to rotate. You can check out my guide for such products here.

Socks that go for anywhere between fifteen and thirty dollars are mid price products in my opinion. They are made of higher quality materials, with better technology. They are less likely to loose their tightness through repeated washing. They usually offer extra protection or support to certain parts of your feet.

Let’s take a look at what points I was looking at when choosing the recommended products.

    1. COMFORT

      This is probably the most important quality of all. If the socks are not comfortable, they are going to do more harm than good. You are not going to wear them every day. Even if you will, uncomfortable models can cause blisters and skin burns.

      Comfortable socks must be made of high quality materials, which brings me to my next point:


      I define quality materials as: it lets your skin breathe, it is durable, it doesn’t loose its elasticity with repeated use and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. I also want my socks to have moisture wicking and anti-bacterial qualities. If I am going to wear something for more than eight hours, I would rather wear something that keeps my legs in a hygienic environment.


      I recommend that you wear a graduated compression model. These put the most pressure on the ankles, and slightly less pressure on the veins as they get closer to the heart. This type of compression allows the greatest blood flow. In case you experience severe swelling or edema in one muscle group in your leg, you might want to see a medical professional, who might prescribe targeted or uniform compression socks.


      Most models for regular wear on the job are going to be low or medium compression products. Low compression products apply around 15 to 20 mm Hg pressure around the ankles. Between 20 mm Hg and 30 mm Hg is considered medium compression. Above this are the high pressure models, these can not be bought without prescription from a medical professional.

    5. STYLE

      Since you are going to wear these models for work, you need to look for something that is not going to get you into the HR offices for a chat about workplace clothing etiquette. At the same time they have to reflect your personality. All the models recommended below come in a number of styles, or they have a unique design appropriate for a hospital setting.


      It is possible that you experience regular pain in your achilles tendons. Some nurses have uncomfortable feelings in the balls of their feet. Others complain of severe pain in their arch, a sign of plantar fasciitis. There are special models to deal with all of these pains. If this is the case, check out our articles about the specialised models recommended for such medical conditions.


FITSHIT Premium Compression Socks

Even though the name indicates that these socks are marketed as premium products, their price fits them into a medium category.

The model is clinically tested, and proven to aid muscle recovery after a long work day.

They are also recommended for runners, because the fabric contains silver linens, which prevents fungi growth and bacterial infections.  The material is sweat repellent, and helps fight undesired odors that would inevitably occur after working through a long shift.

The socks are made of a special knitting technology, which produces a thick, protective material. This helps prevent bruises and other mild injuries by providing extra protection for the legs. At the same time the material contains extra thin nylon fabrics, which leaves plenty of space for the skin to breathe. The nylon is complemented with around 30 % spandex content to help with elasticity.

The material is so durable, that the company offers a lifetime, no hassle, money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, they will immediately refund your money, no questions asked.

The product is made with form-fitted technology. This guarantees that the socks are not too big, not too small, but just the right size. They can be put on quickly, especially if you use gloves to hold the end of the socks when you pull them up.

At the top of the socks there is a strong elastic cuff, which keeps the product in place without restricting blood flow.

The soles and the footbeds are padded. This is very helpful, it adds to the comfort and prevents plantar fasciitis.

The product comes in four different colours, black, grey, blue and pink.

Run Forever Sports Compression Socks for Nurses

The main upside to this product is its material. It is made of organic cotton mixed with nylon. This material lets the feet breathe, and gets rid of the bad odor quicker than most synthetic fabrics.

This is the best product if you frequently have to do double shifts. Most products can not be worn for more than eight hours without loosing a significant amount of their elasticity.  The mix of nylon and cotton ensures that the socks can retain their original state even after a long and demanding double shift.

 The company uses special stitching processes in order to ensure a longer lifespan and extra durability for the socks. The stitching makes the socks more elastic, so they are easier to put on.

 The 20-30 mm Hg pressure graduated compression ensures optimal blood flow by applying the highest pressure around the ankles, and slightly lower pressure around the knees. This guarantees comfort throughout the workday, while preventing cramps.

 This model only comes in one colour, black with grey around the toes, the bottom of the feet and the heels. These parts of the socks have extra padding to ensure that you will never suffer from plantar fasciitis again.

Mubasel Gear Compression Socks for Nurses

The biggest upside to this product is the added arch support, ankle stability and soft foot padding it comes with.

The socks provide extra protection in the following ways:

  • Extra protection at the toes: Reduces swelling, skin burns and blisters.
  • Extra arch support: Pain reducing arch support to add balance and provide a solid foundation throughout the workday.
  • Soft foot padding: Ensures impact absorption at the foot, the heels and the toes.
  • Added ankle stability: Provides stability and structure to the tendons to prevent injuries and fatigue.

The model comes in two colours, black and green. I personally really like the style of these socks, the added support is painted red, which mixes nicely with the otherwise black colour of the product.

The material is a blend of nylon complemented with lycra. This mixture is excellent at stopping bacterial and fungi growth, while wicking moisture away. The fabric keeps your legs warm during the winter and cool during the summer, an excellent blend.

The company also offers a no questions asked one hundred percent money back guarantee. 

Do you prefer other compression socks during your shifts? What are your experiences with these models? Leave a comment below!

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