Best Compression Clothing Resources Online


There are many amazing buying guides and informative articles on the internet about compression products and their use. This page is an always growing list of useful links for the readers of

For runners

Science of Running – Do compression socks help performance? Do they speed up recovery? An article backed with tons of research.

Runners Connect – Another science-backed article about why compression socks work.

Walk Jog Run – A post about the age old question…do compression socks really work?

Thirty – something Mother Runner – A short post about a why a running mother advises you to wear compression socks.

The Running Mate – Excellent running advice applied for different circumstances. Music and inspirational quotes to kickstart your workouts.

Run Mommy Run – A review of the SKINS K-Proprium Compression Tights.

CA Marathon Mommy – Training for a Marathon in compression socks.

Running Mom – How compression socks can help you do more mileage than you trained for.

Relentless Forward Commotion – 5 tips on choosing compression socks.

Webb Compression – Why plantar fasciitis occurs, and how to treat it?

Express Medical Supply Blog – An excellent article about compression sock measurements and buying the right one for your needs.

Skinny Chick Blog – Review of Pro, ASICS, Running Skirts Run Love compression socks.

Wiggle – CEP Night Calf Sleeve Review

Post Injury Running Blog – About the risk of DVT in long distance runners.

Functional Running – Enerskin calf compression sleeves review

Runblogger – Zensah calf compression sleeves review.

Wanderlust and Lipstick – A review of different Injinji running compression socks.

Run to the Finish – Review of the SKINS running compression leggings, and about the positive effects of compression technology.

Holabird Sports – The most common running-related injuries and what to do about them?

Socks for Living – Sigvaris sports compression socks review.

Jog-Blog – An excellent, jaw-dropping infographic about compression socks for runners.

Miles On Veggies – An excellent blog with a personal voice combined with actionable advice about wellness, veggie recipes and running.

Other sports


Dave Moulton’s Blog – Avoiding shin splints with compression sleeves for cyclists.

Joe Friel’s Blog – A collection of research papers and their conclusions on whether compression therapy works for improving performance, or recovery.

Crossfit Invictus – Choosing the right knee sleeves for deadlifts.

Cycling Tips – An excellent, comprehensive and science-backed article about compression socks, and if they really work.

Cycling Strong – A great video about how to put on compression socks.

Live Lighter – Tips for using compression socks in your workout.


Pregnancy and Postpartum


Pregnant Chicken – Getting rid of swollen feet and varicose veins during pregnancy.

Diary of a Fit Mommy – 8 products that can help you get back to top fitness after giving birth to your child. Some compression products included.

Every Day Family – In which cases should you wear compression socks during your pregnancy?

Made to Mother – The benefits of wearing compression socks during pregnancy.

Rebecca Judd Loves – How to loose the mommy tummy? Tips and explanations including wearing compression garments.

Fit Mommy Diaries – Wearing a postpartum girdle after delivery.

Pickles and Muffins – How to put on compression stockings.

Travel Hack – Travelling while pregnant.

A Healthy Slice of Life – Travelling while pregnant.

Pelvic Pain Rehab – 8 Pregnancy Tips from a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Mom

Mommy Docs – Solutions for leg cramps during pregnancy.

First Thyme Mom – Getting rid of pregnancy swelling.

Mom Trends – Staying fashionable and comfortable wearing maternity tights.




Flashpacker Family – Best compression socks for travelling.

Travel Fashion Girl – How compression socks can save your toes during travelling.

Currently Exploring – Why nobody should travel without compression socks.

Capital City Luggage – Sockwell, Spresso Wear and Travelon travel compression socks reviews.

Food Travelist – A guide to choosing great travel compression socks.

Tiki Touring Wiki – Another guide to choosing great quality travel socks.

The Comfy Traveller – An article with personal voice about why compression socks are essential for travelling comfortably.

Traveling Well for Less – A review of the Acel Performance and Recovery Socks.

The Savvy Backpacker – An awesome post about how to fit everything into your backpack while travelling. Although this post is not necessary about compression socks, but is a great guide if you want to prevent tearing your expensive, fancy compression socks while on the road.




Mothers in Medicine – Surviving a residency while pregnant. Compression socks play a large part.

Ward Heroes – A comprehensive, information filled guide to choosing the best compression socks for nurses.

Registered Nurse – What is the difference between compression hosiery and TED hoses for nurses?

The Nursing Site Blog – A review and product guide to the Fresh Legs compression sock for nurses.

The Gypsy Nurse – A review of the Lily Trotters Compression Socks for nurses.

Manipal Blog – The five reasons why nurses should wear compression socks.

Straight A Nursing Student – A review of the Sockwell compression socks for nurses.

Hire Nurses – An interview with Brian Park, the CEO and founder of Nabee socks, and a fellow nurse.




Lymphedivas – Using hand compression sleeves in managing and preventing lymphedema.

Lymphedema Blog – Preventing and treating lymphedema of the leg.

Fixing Your Feet – The end of the article has a great tip on how to put on compression socks.

Plantar Fascitiis Resource – A review of the best compression socks for treating plantar fasciitis.

Better After 50 – How can you get rid of plantar fasciitis?

Der Scott – Tips and techniques for beating the plantar fasciitis monster.

Women’s Running – Five do it yourself remedies for plantar fasciitis.

Goldilocks Running – Triathlon blog with race recaps, training diaries and helpful advice with a personal touch.