Side effects of copper compression socks

Copper is an essential element that we as a society use for wiring, coins and many electronic devices. In modern times copper is used in more and more fields for its health benefits. Research proved the antibacterial qualities of copper. It is used for manufacturing contact surfaces. Bacteria can’t inhibit thee surfaces and can’t grow on them. Door knobs, kitchen utensils and bathroom surfaces are manufactured of copper to prevent bacteria and other pathogens inhibiting these surfaces. But what about compression socks? What are the pros of copper compression socks? And what are the copper socks side effects?

Where can you find copper in nature?

Copper is a natural red metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity. This is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity as a conductor. Architectures like working with different alloys of copper. Its red colour makes it perfect for manufacturing jewellery. It is one of the few metals found in nature that is directly usable in its metal form, and doesn’t need extraction from an ore.

Pros and copper socks side effects

What does the research say about copper socks side effects?

There is a large body of research dedicated to finding out more about the antibacterial qualities of copper. There is a number of researchers who dedicated their careers to finding out about the antibacterial qualities of copper.

One of the biggest findings coming out of the research has been that the oxidation of copper doesn’t affect its antibacterial qualities. This is why door knobs, utensils and other copper items keep their antibacterial qualities for an extended period.

Professor Bill Keevil presented the case for antibacterial copper in 2016 at the Southampton University. He argued that copper touch surfaces are instrumental at preventing the spread of bacterial infections.

In December 2015 Andrew Cross delivered a presentation about the research supporting the antibacterial qualities of copper. One of the most important points in his presentation was that copper not only kills bacteria at a rapid rate, but it also kills bacteria at the same rate in wet environments. This finding is crucial in the manufacturing of compression socks. Runners sweat through their compression socks. The sweat is a natural growing ground for bacteria. The water and minerals in the sweat significantly increase the risk of bacterial infections. The best copper compression socks are just as effective killing bacteria in wet environments as in dry environments.

A large number of peer reviewed articles demonstrated the rapid bacteria killing ability of copper. But what about the effects of copper in compression socks? Are there copper socks side effects? Are there side effects to wearing copper compression socks?

Here is a video explaining what happens when bacteria comes into contact with copper:

Effects of copper in compression socks

Thereare two claims about copper compression socks. Firstly, that they improve athletic performance and recovery. Secondly, that copper compression socks have antibacterial qualities.

There is a growing body of research about the ability of compression socks to increase athletic performance. You can read more about the subject here. Athletes can be seen wearing compression socks during competition, and basketball players are seen wearing compression sleeves regularly. There is scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of compression sleeves at treating plantar fasciitis. 

Copper compression socks support stiff muscles and joints without restricting the range of motion of muscles. These socks help your muscles regain full motion without copper socks side effects in a short time. One of the best copper compression socks on the market are these recovery knee high support socks. Check them if you want to get all the positives of the compression technology in these copper socks without the side effects.

Copper compression socks help prevent varicose veins. If you are suffering from varicose veins, wearing copper socks can be an important step in recovery. Click here if you want to read more about compression socks in recovering from varicose veins.

Copper compression socks also help with preventing and recovering from edema. Both varicose veins and edema are side effects pregnant women have to face. Look at this article if you want to read about the best compression socks for pregnancy.

The Best Copper Compression Socks

Copper Compression Recovery Support Socks

Copper Compression Socks in Action

These socks have the highest copper content on the market. Even though other models have as little as 4% copper content, Copper Compression guarantees to work with a lot higher copper content. The company gives with each of its products a 100% money back guarantee. If the socks are not effective, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Excellent for treating sore muscles and leg pain. People use it to treat calf pain, shin splints, tendonitis and muscle soreness.

Made of an ultra comfortable fabric, that hold your legs perfectly, while still allowing a full range of motion. They let your skin breathe thanks to their moisture wicking quality.

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Benefits of copper in compression socks

No let’s look at the benefits of copper in compression socks. People claim copper prevents door and has antibacterial qualities. Also the release of positive ions promotes health and wellness.

Science agrees that copper kills bacteria rapidly. You only have to look at the research cited above. The public even uses the term ‘contact killing’ for the phenomena. The US Environmental Protection Agency recently registered copper last he first solid antimicrobial material. Copper has been proved to kill bacteria on touch surfaces.

Copper has a similar effect to the bacteria found on the body. The bacteria on the body is responsible for creating body odour. Copper eliminates these bacteria. This is why copper is used as an antibacterial and antiodor addition to compression socks. Some studies have found that bacteria start dying just after one minute of exposure to copper. This quality is key in keeping the legs hygienic and clean even during the most demanding workouts.

Some people claim that copper ions found in clothing items promote health and wellness. However there is little scientific evidence to these claims. Also it is hard to quantify what these people men by health and wellness. All we know is that the effects of copper bracelets on health is non existent. This gives reason to be sceptical about such claims.

A video explaining the benefits of copper compression socks:

Copper socks side effects

Even though there are a number of side effects associated with copper, there are no side effects to copper compression socks if you follow precautions.

It is important to mention that copper sicks side effects are the worse for people with diabetes. If you suffer of this condition copper socks are not recommended for you.

Compression socks are recommended for people with diabetes. However copper compression socks lead to developing side effects in diabetic people. Such patients should always consult with a physician first before wearing copper compression socks.

There are many more positives to these items then copper socks side effects.

The side effects of copper

Copper has several negative effects on the human body. However if you keep all the precautions, these are not going to be an issue. Copper compression socks are made so that these side effects don’t appear.

Copper compression products use copper ions instead of copper oxide. Cu+ and Cu++ are considered to lead to higher quality copper content than Cu2O.

Copper compression socks should not be around small children. There is a natural balance system in the human body that keeps copper levels in check. Small children under one year have not developed this system yet. They are more at risk from the negative effects of copper.

Copper overloads lead to vomiting and nausea. The body attempts to get rid of copper this way. Diarrhea is also part of the side effects.

Patient’s with Wilson’s disease should not wear copper compression socks. For them the copper socks side effects might be too severe. They might have problems with the balance of copper. If you have any questions or concerns about wearing copper compression socks, or copper socks side effects first consult with a physician.


There are numerous positives to copper compression socks. At the same time only a few copper socks side effects. If you suffer from diabetes or Wilson’s disease consult with a physician before wearing copper compression socks. If you have any questions, do the same. Otherwise the antiodour and antibacterial qualities of copper compression socks makes it well worth to invest in a pair of copper compression socks.

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