Circulation Leggings Are the Best Thing for an Aching Leg

Circulation leggings, or as they are frequently called compression leggings are one of the most popular ways of improving blood circulation in the lower extremities.

The circulatory system has several tasks in the human body. It supplies the cells with nutrients and oxygen, while helps them get rid of toxic waste materials. It also helps the antibodies travel and get to infected parts, and also serves and integral part in distributing warmth and body heat.

Sometimes the body keeps things going by limiting the blood flow to and from the extremities. This happens in everyday life, especially in cold weather. You can notice that the blood is not circulating well in your arms or legs if you face any of the following issues:

  1. You feel a pinching sensation slowly developing on your skin.
  2. After the pinching the extremities feel numb and you struggle to move them.
  3. In advanced cases the skin might change colour. First it becomes pale, then becomes dark purple.

The heart is the centre of the circulatory system. It pumps the blood through organs such as the stomach and the lungs, where the blood fills up with nutrients and oxygen before travelling to the cells. Then the cells fill the blood with waste materials, which then has to be pumped back to the heart.

This can be down to several reasons, some of them are:

  1. The veins are too wide, and their walls are not firm. The blood flows slower, eventually pools up in certain veins. This process causes varicose veins to appear.
  2. Excess fluid is produced in the body, which can’t be transported all by the blood flow. The fluid causes swelling and and pain.
  3. Onset muscle soreness develops after excess workouts that lead to lactic acid building up in the muscles. By wearing circulation leggings, the blood can remove the lactic acid quicker, and faster the recovery process, or even totally prevent onset muscle soreness.

Habits that prevent good blood circulation

The amount of blood in the extremities can decrease as a result of one’s habits. Occupations that require sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time are prime examples. In these work conditions the valves in the veins have to work extra hard at fighting gravity and pumping the blood towards the heart.

Wearing ill-fitting, too tight clothing can have similar effects. Shoes that hug the ankles too hard, socks with gartered cuffs, one size too small leggings all lead to improper circulation.

Being overweight can be one of the major factors limiting proper circulation. Excess fat in the body means the heart has to pump through more arteries and veins. The pressure in the extremities sinks, circulation slows down.

Tips for improving circulation in the extremities


Start moving

It is that easy. When you start moving, your muscles require a steady supply of oxygen, so your body will send more blood to the limbs in use. Not to mention that moving muscles put pressure on the veins, thus making the blood flow quicker.


There is no need to suffer from leg pain, just move around a little…or stretch at least


If you work in an office, where the expectation is to look busy all the time, standing up once every thirty minutes might be frowned upon. In these circumstances the best thing to do is some light stretching, while remaining seated. Just a few ankle curls, tapping of the feet, changing the positions of the limbs can go a long way. While typing at the computer the hands and the wrists are usually bent at the same angle for an extended time. This can limit blood circulation. Stop and do some light stretching from time to time.

There is even a new type of yoga aimed for people who work in offices – and don’t have much the time to stretch – called chair yoga. You can do this type of yoga for a few minutes even during your work breaks.

Here is a great video showing exercises that you can do while sitting down:

Here is an awesome video geared especially for office workers:

If you mastered these exercises, here is a longer instructional video:

Wear warm clothing

A great way to keep blood circulating well in the hands and feet is by wearing warm clothing. Heat keeps the veins dialeted, the blood flows quicker and unobstructed. By wearing warm items covering your torso, you prevent the torso from keeping all the blood to itself, since it is already adequately warm. This will keep the blood circulating well and in a balanced manner throughout your whole body.

Loose weight

This one point can solve many issues, not just ones concerned with blood circulation. Just a few kilos of body fat requires a lot of extra veins and your heart needs to work extra hard to pump the blood through these arteries. Being obese can also cause circulatory problems in the extremities. Loosing weight will result in lower work requirements for your heart, you will feel more vitality and you will have more energy.

Use circulation leggings

If you have to sit or stand for extended periods, wearing the best circulation leggings – or as they are otherwise called compression leggings – can make your life a whole lot pleasureable. These wearables put pressure on the skin. This pressure helps the valves in the veins pump the blood to the heart. The garment also helps the veins stay tight. This prevents the blood from pooling up inside them. The product can prevent, and even cure all the problems mentioned in the article before. Delayed onset muscle soreness, varicose veins and swelling become a thing of the past.


There are many ways you can prevent problems with blood circulation in your extremities. A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise habits will go a long way in getting rid of common circulation problems. However the best way of preventing varicose veins, delayed onset muscle soreness and swelling is to wear compression circulation leggings.


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