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Best Compression Shirts for Running: Enhance Performance and Recover Faster

Runners have been on the forefront of the recent upsurge in the popularity of compression clothing. Runners are always looking for an edge that can make them better competitors, or help them recover quicker before the next race. However some people question whether the running compression tees are effective. Let’s see what the science says about the performance enhancing effects of the best compression shirts for running. What do you need to look out for when choosing the best running compression shirts?

The sudden popularity of compression shirts

The best compression shirts for running are among the most popular upper body compression clothing items. Outdoor athletes can use them as base layer clothing during the autumn months or as complementary items under running compression jackets. They are great for wicking moisture and warming up the body when the weather gets colder. They are very comfortable, since they are woven from soft materials that fit perfectly to your skin. Nowadays NFL players wear copper compression shirts during and after games. You can read more about the effects of running compression socks here.

One of the best features of compression shirts is that they give you consistency in upper body temperature. When it is hot outside, they let the skin cool off. When it is cold, they keep you warm. This also helps if you stop and start during running. When you stop for a while to walk and breathe a little bit, you muscles cool down. If you start suddenly running again, there is a greater risk of injury. The best compression shirts for running can keep your muscles warm and lower the risk of injury.

How do the best compression shirts for running work?

Compression garments achieve their health benefits by speeding up blood flow. They pressure the skin, and that pressure in turn reduces the diameter of the veins. The veins are responsible for carrying the blood lacking oxygen and nutrients back to the heart from the muscles. The quicker the blood flows in the veins, the quicker the waste materials are washed out of the muscles, and the quicker the muscles get nutrients.

The empirical evidence is clear, compression shirts are effective in enhancing running performance, helping recovery and preventing circulatory diseases.  However still some people consider them an unnecessary, ineffective item. But what does the science say?

There was a study done in 2013 about the effects and application of compression clothing in sports performance. After exercise running compression shirts had moderate to significant effects of maximum power recovery. Muscle swelling and perceived muscle pain was reduced. Blood lactate removal was increased. Also the best running compression shirts increased performance over short duration sprints and extended the time to exhaustion.

What should you look for in the best compression shirts for running?

There is no one model that we could categorically call the best compression shirts for running for all occasions. However there are certain things we can look at to determine which model will suit you the best.

Price: There are models for as much as a 100 dollars. Those are the premium products with all the recent developments featured on them. However you can get a perfectly good running compression shirt for as little as 15 dollars.

Materials: Most compression shirts for running are made of a combination of spandex, latex and Lyra. Sometimes silicon or mesh pads are added. The key is that the material has to be breathable. It has to let your skin breathe. While you are running, it is best if the sweat evaporates from your skin.

Anti-bacterial: The sweat is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The best compression shirts for running have antibacterial materials like copper or silver woven into them.

Machine washable: If you want to save time and energy, go for machine washable compression shirts. Otherwise you will spend more time cleaning your shirts than on the running track.

Hot or cold weather: Although most lower priced and mid ranged models are good for both cold and warm weather, the best and most expansive models are grouped based on whether they are best for the summer or the winter months. UnderArmour divides their models into the groups HotGear and ColdGear. Pay attention which one you are getting.

Seams: Make sure the compression shirts have as few seams as possible. Also the seams must be well designed. The best compression shirts for running use flat lock stitching. This makes the seams completely hidden. There is nothing more irritating than poorly designed seams. They rub against your skin, causing skinburn and chaffing. Irritating tags are similar. They can easily destroy the skin on your back.

Long sleeves vs short sleeve: Some models end around the elbow. These are the short sleeve models. Other models reach down to your wrists. These are long sleeve running compression shirts. Short sleeve models are great undergarments for hot weather. Long sleeve compression shirts are better for running in cold weather.

Strength of compression: You can find compression shirts anywhere between 5 mm Hg and 30 mm Hg. We measure the strength of compression in mm Hg, or millimetres of mercury. 5 -10 mm Hg is considered low strength. Compression between 10-20 mm Hg is medium strength. 20 – 30 mm Hg is high strength compression. Models between 25-30 mm Hg are used when there is some serious trouble with upper body blood circulation. Lower level compression is best to slightly increase circulation, or prevent circulatory problems. Mid or higher strength compression shirts are also used for treating gynecomastisa.

Graduated compression: All the best compression shirts for running are graduated compression models. Such shirts put the most amount of pressure on the areas further from the heart, where the veins have to work the hardest to circulate the blood. The pressure then increases as it gets closer to the heart.


I hope this article made it more clear which are the best compression shirts for running. The best graduated running compression shirts can enhance your running performance and help recover. Do you use any compression gear in your workouts? Leave a comment below!


Copper shirts for pain relief: How effective are they?

There has been an upsurge in the popularity of copper infused compression clothing, mainly thanks to the NFL. Athletes have been using such compression shirts more and more. There have been a lot of claims about the effectiveness of copper shirts for pain relief. But are they actually effective, or are they the next in line of athletic super tools that are actually ineffective. Let’s find out.

The effects of copper shirts

There are many different uses of copper compression shirts. They can help your muscles recover quicker. They can enhance circulation, thus copper shirts for pain relief are becoming more and more popular. Scientists claim copper has antibacterial qualities. But does the antimicrobial effect apply to compression shirts too? Are these effects just a mirage, or is there real evidence for them?

Compression or copper?

Copper shirt for pain reliefLet’s separate the claims made about the positive effects of copper compression shirts. Which effects are down to the qualities of compression clothing, and which are due to the effects of copper? Are compression shirts for pain just as effective as copper shirt for pain relief? More importantly, are there any additional risks and side effects involved in wearing copper compression shirts for pain relief compared to simple compression shirts?

Manufacturers claim that copper compression shirts improve athletic performance and help you recover faster before the next event. Although there haven’t been any scientific studies about the effects of compression shirts on athletic performance, many studies demonstrated the positive effects of compression socks on running performance. We have no reason to believe that leg muscles would react differently to compression clothing than upper body muscles, so these studies will do just fine for the purposes of examining whether copper shirts for pain relief are actually effective.

It has been shown that even though low and medium strength compression socks didn’t improve speed of running, but they helped the athletes maintain leg power after running. This has been interpreted as proof that compression socks improve endurance.

Other studies showed the performance enhancing effects of compression socks. They have been shown to lower heart rate in runners. If you want to read more about the positive effects of running compression socks, check out this article.

Copper shirts for pain relief

Why are compression shirts effective in relieving pain? To find the answer, we need to understand how compression clothing works. They enhance blood circulation. The veins are responsible for circulating the blood lacking oxygen and nutrients from the muscles to the heart. The blood flowing through them also washes through the muscles, getting rid of the waste materials. The most important of these waste materials is lactic acid. This is a byproduct of hard muscle work in oxygen-ridden conditions.

Lactic acid causes muscle burn after the workouts up to 48 hours. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness. Similarly lactic acid buildup is what causes pain when you push yourself too hard during workouts. The more an athlete can tolerate lactic acid buildup, the more they can push themselves during competition.

Compression shirts improve blood circulation. They apply pressure on the veins, which decreases their diameter. The blood flows quicker in turn. The quicker blood flow means the lactic acid and other waste materials get washed out of the muscles quicker during, and after competition. This has effects during workouts. After workouts, during recovery the compression shirt’s positive effects speed up the process of getting back to your best.

What about the effects of copper?

Copper has well documented antibacterial qualities. Similarly copper shirt manufacturers claim they prevent bad door. Copper shirts for pain relief not only help you do better and get back to your best sooner, they also prevent bad body odour and poor hygiene.

Bad odour is caused by bacterial growth in the sweat. Although most compression shirts let your skin breathe, they don’t prevent the bacteria growing on your skin.

Are there any side effects involved with copper compression shirts? Well, we only have studies about copper compression socks. The science says there are no side effects involved with wearing copper compression socks. If you want to know about the difference between regular compression socks and copper infused compression socks, you can find more information in this article.

We have all the reason to believe that these effects convert to copper shirts for pain relief.


There are many positive effects of copper shirts for pain relief. They help athletic performance, help the lactic acid wash out of the muscles quicker, and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. The additional copper content prevents bacterial growth and bad body odour. Enjoy the positive health and hygienic effects of copper shirts for pain relief by selecting from one of the best copper compression shirts.

Best Running Compression Jackets: Stay Dry and Fashionable During Your Runs

When I was living in London I saw many people running in the mornings to their workplaces. Many of them wore some of the best running compression jackets. This is no surprise as London is a rather windy and rainy city. The best compression running jackets are essential if you want to keep your upper body rejuvenated, dry and also want to look fashionable.

Even though running mostly works your lower body, especially the thigh and calf muscles, your upper body also has to work. The best compression jackets for running cradle your torso, keeping the blood circulating to the muscles.

Running motion requires your whole torso to move. If you ever started running with muscle soreness in your belly or back, you exactly feel how much every single muscle of your core works while you are running.

Runners have been at the forefront of bringing compression wearables into the public consciousness. Runners also use compression shirts to compress their upper body muscles. The best running compression jackets can not only improve your performance, but it also shields you from the elements.

How Do the Best Running Compression Jackets Work?

The best running compression jackets put pressure on your upper body muscles. By doing so the veins in your body are also under pressure. The veins get smaller in diameter, thus the blood flows quicker. This has multiple positive effects, all due to the improved blood circulation. During exercise the nutrients and oxygen reach the muscles quicker. After the workout the waste materials get washed out from the muscles sooner, so the athlete can be back to his best in less time.

Many athletes have to deal with inflammation. This condition can occur as a result of overtraining or infection. Plantar fasciitis is common among runners, also a form of inflammation.

One of the best ways to treat inflammation is to increase the blood flow to the affected area. The T cells of the immune system travel with the blood. By wearing the best compression jackets for running  blood flow improves and inflammation subsides quicker.

The best compression jackets for running help avoid soft tissue injuries. The muscles have a natural vibration during movement. This is not a concern, but if the muscle is tired, or it has a small tear, this can become bigger due to the vibration. The best running compression jackets hold your muscles like a cradle, thus lowering their vibration.


What should you look for in the best compression jackets for running?

1) Right fit

There is one very important category that every compression jacket you buy should fulfil. If it doesn’t, then even if it. is the best running compression jacket, it won’t make a difference. It should fit your body perfectly.

If the jacket is too tight, you won’t be able to move your arms and torso correctly. If it is too big, the compression technology is useless. The jacket can’t put any pressure on your skin.

Always check the size chart on the Amazon page of the product. If you are unsure, you can check some reviews to see if the product comes in the size it claims to come in. If you have a chance, then try out the product in your local sports goods store. Either you can buy it there, or continue searching for a better price online.

2) Visibility

If you like running at night, wearing UV reflective or bright running jackets is a must. Such jackets reflect the light of approaching vehicles, so that the driver becomes aware of you. This is crucial for your safety.

3) Material

The best running compression jackets have moisture wicking material on their inside. They let the sweat evaporate from your skin. This is crucial for hygiene and comfort. Some compression shirts and jacket even have antibacterial silver linen woven into them. Such jackets prevent bacterial growth, which is also crucial for hygiene. Some compression products contain copper for the same purposes.

The best running compression jackets are made of a mixture of spandex, polyester, nylon and mesh.

Waterproof compression running jackets are a must if you live in certain countries. As I mentioned before, I used to live in London. I could not imagine leaving the house without my waterproof running compression jacket.

The durability of the jacket is also crucial. The jacket has to take the wear and tear of daily workouts and runs. If you like cross country running, or trail running, the jacket might get caught in branches. It is crucial that the running compression jacket does not tear up if this happens.

Which are the best running compression jackets?

Belleap UV Protection Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Jacket

  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Excellent elasticity and flexibility to the fabric.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Lets the sweat evaporate from your skin and keeps you dry during exercise.
  • Tight fit design
  • Unfortunately available only in one colour: navy.

Click here to check out reviews and pricing on Amazon

Women’s Stretchy Workout Dri-Fit Hooded Jacket

  • A very classy, excellent jacket for outdoor runs.
  • Tight fit design.
  • The hood protects your head against the elements. One thumbhole on each arm.
  • Breathable fabric keeps your skin dry. Keeps you cool during the summer, warm during the winter.
  • Machine washable in cold water.
  • Available in six colours: black, blue, grey, green, pink, white.


 Click here to check out reviews and pricing on


This article intended to give you a brief review of what to look for in order to find the best running compression jackets for yourself. The best compression jackets for running are fashionable, have durable and breathable materials, protect you against the elements and fit your body perfectly. If you want to enhance your athletic performance, recover quicker and avoid inflammation, wearing compression running jackets is a must.

Best Gynecomastia Compression Shirts – Quick, Risk-free Treatment

There are a number of men who suffer from abnormal tissue growth in the breasts, also known as gynecomastia or man boobs. There is a certain stigma to this condition in our society. Men who want to get rid of this condition often choose plastic surgery, take pills or go on a drastic weight loss programs. However a more sensible and often effective solution is to wear the best gynecomastia compression shirts.

Compression shirts for gynecomastia have gained increasing popularity in developed countries due to the number of people who suffer from the condition. Choosing the best compression shirts for breast growth in men is a cheaper and lot less risky solution than surgery or pills.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the overgrowth of tissue in the male breast. According to Wikipedia the most common reason for its occurrence is an imbalance in the hormonal balance of the body. Estrogen levels get too high compared to androgen levels. Estrogen is a female hormone, no wonder it has such womanly effects in men.

A common misconception is that oestrogen only has negative effects on the body of a man. Estrogen has positive effects in grown up males, such as causing positive mood. Estrogen production is increased during sexual intercourse too.

During puberty estrogen levels rise in young men. This is a normal occurrence, a part of growing up. The growth of male breasts during puberty is called youth gynecomastia and it affects the majority of men at one point or another. Several factors can affect oestrogen levels in the body. Eating habits, hormonal imbalances and lack of regular exercise can all contribute to a sustained rise of oestrogen levels. This in the long run leads to gynecomastia.

Any change in lifestyle that contributes to oestrogen levels going down and testosterone levels rising will lead to a reduction in male breast tissue. If you want to know more about the subject Andrology Australia has some excellent information on the subject.

Gynecomastia compression shirts

 One of the most common treatment methods is wearing gynecomastia compression shirts.  Such products cradle the body. By holding the skin tight they shape it. The best gynecomastia compression shirts make your man boobs invisible. This type of change in appearance doesn’t treat the causes of gynecomastia, but can cease the looks as an important first step.

If the patient wants to remove gynecomastia by exercising, the compression tops can have a real positive effect. They speed up the blood flow, which enables longer bouts of exercise. The muscles get a steady flow of oxygen, which lets them continue longer without exhaustion.

After exercise muscle burn and soreness is a serious problem. The muscles may feel sore even up to 48 or 72 hours after exercising depending on the difficulty of exercise. This is caused by the lactic acid and other waste materials building up inside the muscles. The best gynecomastia compression shirts help the lactic acid wash out from the muscles, therefore preventing muscle soreness from appearing. This allows you to exercise more and loose your “man boobs” quicker.

If you want to read more about the health benefits of compression shirts, here is a longer article. You can read about why compression shirts are essential for great sports performance in this article.

The best gynecomastia compression shirts for men are an effective alternative treatment to surgery or pills. Surgery is risky and involves a lengthy recovery period. Pills have side effects. However using the best gynecomastia compression shirts are just as effective without leaving any scars in your skin or risky side effects.

Gynecomastia surgery

Surgery is a costly and abrasive method of dealing with gynecomastia. Apart from slimming down your wallet, it is also the riskiest option. Still, it is one of the most frequent surgeries performed on men.

If deciding to get surgery focus on getting a great surgeon. This not only reduces the chances of unwanted complications, but ensures that recovery time will be minimal.

Gynecomastia pills

Male breast reduction pills are popular supplements. Although they come for a hefty price, but if you are looking for a quick fix they are effective.

These pills have side effects that prevent some people from taking them. For these people gynecomastia compression shirts are the best option.

The pros and cons of gynecomastia compression shirts

What are the positives of wearing gynecomastia compression shirts? First of all, there is no need for abrasive treatment methods, such as pills or surgery. Pills put a large toll on the kidneys and have side effects. Surgery can be complicated. Both can cost fortunes. On the other hand the best compression shirts for gynecomastia hardly cost anything. Male breast reduction compression shirts are the most budget friendly solutions.

If you wear the best compression tops for gynecomastia, you don’t need to make severe adjustments to your diet. These shirts have a natural ability to help with weight loss. They are also tight and have a natural slimming effect on the body. Just slip into one of these shirts, and instantly you will look a lot slimmer. Your muscles will look toned.

If you are attending a formal event, just slip into a gynecomastia compression tee under your shirt. This will make you look slimmer, and make the “man boobs” disappear. If photos are made of the event, you want people to look at them wondering how great you looked.

Temporarily these shirts can fix the issues concerning gynecomastia. In the long term a change in lifestyle, pills or surgery can all work. A change in diet, playing more sports or both might be needed to treat gynecomastia in the long term.

Which are the best gynecomastia compression shirts?

Choosing the best gynecomastia compression shirts are your best option of getting rid of the condition without spending a lot of money on pills or surgery. But what are the traits of the best products on the market?

Machine washable

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to spend as little time washing my shirts as possible. Choosing machine washable male breast reduction compression shirts is going to save you considerable time and effort.

Shaping effect

The best male breast reduction compression shirts flatten out your chest and torso as soon as you put them on. They make your ‘spare tires’ disappear immediately.

Moisture wicking material

There is nothing worse than feeling sweaty under your compression shirts. The best gynecomastia compression shirts let the sweat evaporate from your skin. This way your skin remains dry.


Nobody wants to change their compression shirt after wearing it only a few times. If you invest in the best gynecomastia compression shirt, it is only normal that you want to use for an extended period.

Right fit

If you shirt is too small, you will feel suffocated wearing it. If it is too big the compression technology won’t have any effect. Always check out the size charts when shopping at or try on the shirt in person if you have a chance.

Underworks Men’s Gynecomastia Compression Shirt

  • Excellent for swimming in salt and chlorine water.
  • Tight product, instantly tones your body.
  • A bit difficult to put on and take off due to its tightness.
  • Made of nylon and spandex mix.
  • Keeps you dry even in the greater humidity levels and in hot weather.
  • No visible seams in the front. The shirt is invisible if you wear it under your shirt.
  • Available in two colours: black and white.

Underworks Man’s Microfiber Performance Compression Tank

  • Made of a comfortable mix of microfibre, nylon and spandex.
  • Provides a snug feel while giving your body a slim and toned look.
  • Breathable material that keeps you dry and tones your body without restricting your movement.
  • Rated SPF 50 UV protection.
  • Effective for treating gynecomastia and mid-level hernia support.
  • The shirt is invisible under a shirt.

GC2 Gynecomastia Compression Shirt

  • Flattens out the chest, thus stopping gyneomastia.
  • Tightest compression at the chest.
  • Makes the excess tires go away.
  • Long to stay tucked in your pants.
  • Stays hidden under your shirt.
  • Unfortunately not machine washable.


Do you suffer from gynecomastia? Although society judges such people, there is no need to panic. There are several treatment methods available. Pills and surgery are both risky, but they treat ‘man boobs’ rapidly. Wearing the best gynecomastia compression shirts is the least risky, proven method of treating this condition. Do you have experience with gynecomastia? If so, leave a comment below!

Best Compression Tops – How to choose the best workout shirts?

Whenever I go to the gym, I see serious athletes and bodybuilders wearing some of the best compression tops. Even a few years ago compression shirts were not normal, only a handful of really committed bodybuilders wore them. Nowadays these garments are a respected part of any gym goer’s wardrobe. Let’s look at what makes the best compression tees and the best compression tops for men and women.

Why wear compression tops?

The best compression workout tops help by aiding your performance in the gym as well as speeding up the recovery between two workout sessions.

Compression tops work on a very basic premise. The garment puts pressure on the skin, which in turn pressures the veins. This speeds up blood flow.

Higher endurance threshold

During exercise the blood transports oxygen to the muscles quicker, and removes the carbon dioxide from the muscles. This improved oxygen supply helps the muscles work longer during endurance exercises. This is the reason runners started wearing compression socks. In the gym endurance exercises include working with smaller weights, but for longer bouts.

Quicker recovery

During strenuous exercise waste materials, such as lactic acid build up. This material is responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is the phenomena of pain in the muscles even up to 48  or 72 hours after exercising. The quicker blood flow helps wash out waste materials from the muscles. This in turn prevents DOMS.

Reduced muscle vibration

The best compression tops reduce muscle vibrations during workout in the gymMuscles have a natural vibration during movement. This can be the result of the muscle interacting with the environment, for example when your legs hit the road during running. Or this vibration can be a result of the muscle’s own movement. The best compression tops reduce this vibration, as they hold the muscles tightly. The material of the compression shirt cradles the muscle, and forces it to move in a more efficient way. The reduction in vibrations is a major reason for a reduced risk of injury when wearing compression tops.

Recovery after injury

While recovering from an injury the improved blood circulation and quicker blood flow helps the muscles rebuild themselves. During inflammation the T cells of the immune system can reach the inflamed areas quicker.

The best compression tops prevent edema. This condition involves swelling of the limbs as a result of excess fluid building up among the cells. This phenomena can appear as a result of little movement, which is common after coming back from major injuries. The compression technology helps balance the osmotic pressure, which in turn removes the excess fluids.

You can read more about edema on Wikipedia here. Read more about how compression technology can treat edema here.


Best compression top for womenIf you exercise outdoors, a common problem you have to face is your muscles cooling down if you start moving for a few minutes. Cool muscles are at a high risk of injury as a result of their stiffness. The best compression tops are made of materials that keep your muscles warm even during the cold days.

Body shape

Compression tops hold your upper body tightly. They make you look slimmer. If you have a little excess fat on your muscles, the best compression shirts can give you a slim, yet toned look. You wonder why the superheroes look so jacked on the movie screen? Part of that is hard training, but wearing superhero compression shirts helps too.

What makes the best compression tops?

One thing is for certain. There is no one product on the market, which is categorically the best. The best compression top might be different for everybody. However all the products that have a shot of being one of the best have to satisfy almost all of the following categories.


Most compression tees are made of a combination of spandex, nylon, polyester and lycra. However the best compression tops all have moisture wicking materials. There is nothing worse than sitting in your own sweat during exercising. Moisture wicking materials let your sweat evaporate, thus keeping your skin dry.

Anti bacterial

The sweat of a human is the perfect growing ground for bacteria. This makes sweat soaked compression shirts not very hygienic. Hence the best compression shirts have anti bacterial material woven into their fabric.

CopperCompression prides itself on producing compression shirts with the highest copper content on the market. Copper has antibacterial effects. The other material often used for such purposes is silver.

Graduated compression

There are two types of compression on the market: graduated and uniform. The best compression tops all use graduated compression. This technology puts the most pressure on you wrists and lower arms, and the pressure slightly subsides as the shirts is closer to your heart. This technology helps blood circulation the most without restricting movement or cutting off blood flow anywhere. Uniform compression shirts are available only with doctor’s prescription. They are used most often for treating edema.


Best compression tops fit the body tightly.The best compression shirt for you must fit your body perfectly. If the shirt is too tight, you will feel like suffocating inside it. If it is too loose, the compression technology can’t put pressure on the veins. Always check the size chart on the product’s Amazon page to avoid choosing the wrong size compression shirt.

Machine Washable

The best compression tees are machine washable. This saves you considerable time and effort. Imagine hand washing your compression top after every workout…

I always order multiple from the same compression gear. This way I can keep a rotation. I work out every day, by having three shirts I can always have a clean one ready, and after three days I wash them together with the other dark clothes I have.

Seamless design

Poorly designed seas can make wearing compression shirts a real nightmare. They can cause chaffing or skin burn. The best compression tops either have a seamless design, or they have flat lock stitching. This way your skin is protected from the abrasive effects of poorly designed seams.

Which are the best compression shirts for men and women?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best compression shirts sold on Amazon. What are the pros and cons of each model?

Champion Men’s Double Dry Compression Shirt

  • Machine washable
  • Flatlock stitching to prevent chaffing
  • Double dry moisture wicking fabric
  • Super soft mock mesh fabric
  • Very comfortable, snug fit
  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve version.

DRSKIN Compression Cool Base Layer Shirt

  • Smooth and soft fabric that provides comfort with very little restriction
  • 98.8% UV blocking, non abrasive fabric with excellent elasticity and durability
  • Perfect for all seasons and sports – gym, running, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, water sports
  • Moisture wicking fabric with two way air circulation
  • Keeps you cool during the summer and warm during winter
  • Available in 36 colours!
  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve versions.





Image Men’s Compression Base Layer Shirt

  • Great slimming effect, belly and body shaping vest
  • Available for a value price
  • Helps weight loss
  •  80% nylon, 20% polyester fiber with moisture wicking attributes


GAOAG Women’s Compression Bodybuilding Fitness Top

  • Non abrasive fabric with excellent elasticity and durability
  • Moisture wicking fabric with two way air circulation
  • Anti-bacterial fabric with odor control



Lavento Women’s Sport Compression Shirts

  • 85% polyester and 15% spandex, moisture wicking two way dry material
  • Feels comfortable like a second skin
  • Odor resistance
  • 4 way stretch fabric moves with you, always holding your muscles tight, but never restricting movement.
  • Available in 21 different colours!


I hope this article helped you find the best compression top for your situation. No matter if you are looking for workout gear or if your are recovering from an injury, the best compression tees have certain characteristics. They are comfortable, use graduated compression, let your skin breathe and their material has antibacterial qualities.

How to Choose the Best Compression Shirts

Compression shirts are one of those items I see more and more in gyms. People have started to reconsider how they think about compression gear, and started to enjoy the full benefits of compression performance clothing. This article will help you choose the best compression shirts in order to unlock your true athletic potential. It is going to cover what the benefits of upper body compression clothing and which ones are the best compression shirts.

Performance clothing

Compression garments are designed to hold your body tight, in order to apply pressure on the veins and help blood circulation. This has many positive effects, like better muscle performance, quicker muscle recovery and decreased risk of injury.

 Runners have been the first ones to embrace and benefit from compression wear, but slowly other sports started to catch up as well. Now cyclists, soccer and basketball, badminton players can all be seen wearing compression clothing.

Although the sheer success of compression garments should be proof of their effectiveness, the scientific evidence is not clear about their effectiveness. Although many studies demonstrated the benefits of the best compression socks and the best compression shirts, but these studies all used different models, so their results are not conclusive.

What does the science say?

A 2015 study performed by Stickford et al. found that wearing compression garments significantly improved running economy at higher speeds. Although there was no difference in muscle workrate at submaximal speeds.

One of the most cited studies about compression shirts was performed by Daniel J Cipriani.  He conducted a study where he tried to assess the benefits of wearing compression shirts with expert cyclists. Cyclists taking part in the study reported significant perceived benefits in post-ride recovery.

Several studies have proven that compression socks reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. Many runners had similar experience. By applying pressure on the veins and reducing their diameter the blood flows quicker from the muscles. As the blood washes through the muscles, it flushes away the lactate and other waste materials.

Running compression shirt in action

In 2014 the Australian Family Physician – a publication geared at providing evidence-based medical advice – published a study claiming that compression shirts and leggings improved balance while helping injury prevention.

In 2009 Kemmler published a study where he wanted to find out the effect of compression socks on maximal running effort. The study concluded, that running effort was aided by wearing compression socks. The difference in performance most likely came from improved running ergonomy.

One of the most revealing and surprising studies was performed by Varela-Sanz in 2011. He and his colleagues were examining what causes the effectiveness of compression socks. Their finding was the most remarkable out of all the studies. They found that compression socks decreased the average heart rate in runners wearing compression gear over medium distances.

The positive effects of the best compression shirts

The main positive effect of compression clothing is its effect on the circulatory system. The blood travels quicker from the organs to the muscles, providing a steady stream of nutrients, helping the muscles regenerate themselves and grow.

The firm, yet elastic material of the shirts stabilises the muscles. By keeping the muscles in a firm structure, the muscles keep their alignment and the risk of injury is reduced.

But exactly what type of compression gear do you need? Let’s concentrate on the types of compression shirts on the market. If you need recovery or performance enhancement in other areas of your body, you might want to look at compression socks and leggings, compression sleeves or compression shorts.

A short video about how to wear compression shirts:

Reasons for wearing compression shirts

Functional clothing such as compression shirts are put into the following categories:

Medical: These functional compression shirts are for patients who suffer from chronic muscle or tendon injuries. They are usually available only with a doctor’s prescription.

Sports: These are for professional athletes or weekend warriors who want to enhance their performance or recover faster after a demanding workout.

Vanity: People wear these mainly for aesthetic reasons, they give the body tone and shape.

Cross-functional: These compression shirts combine features from the above categories, giving protection to the muscles while toning the body and helping it recover quicker.

What benefits can you expect from wearing the best compression shirts?

Upper body compression apparel comes in all types of shapes and colours, treating different issues. Exactly what benefits can you expect from wearing the best compression shirts?

Improved blood circulation in the upper body. All compression garments work based on these premises, regardless if we are speaking about compression hand sleeves, wrist bands or the best compression shirts.

The increased blood flow delivers more nutrients to the muscles quicker, and washing out the waste materials from the muscles. Such waste products include lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The lactic acid is responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness, which causes fatigue and discomfort in the muscles even up to 72 hours after exercise. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is another term used for this phenomena.

The increased blood flow also aids recovery. In case of inflammation, the T cells of the immune system reach the inflamed area and heal it quicker.

The increased economy of movement helps by reducing the number of muscles that need to activate for a given movement pattern. Those muscles that activate, perform their movements more efficiently, so by achieving the same results with less energy.

What are compression shirts made of?

Superhero “Punisher” compression shirt.

If you like exercising outdoors, you need compression shirts with sun protection. The best compression T-shirts are infused with protective material that has up to 50 SPF sun protection rating.

The manufacturers might put antibacterial materials into the fabric. Most notably Copper Compression produces the best antibacterial upper body compression wearables. Thin lines of copper are woven into the fabric, fighting bacteria that otherwise infest the compression shirt when you sweat. This preventive system reduces body odour.

The best compression shirts have moisture wicking abilities. The sweat can evaporate from the skin, resulting in a much better, more comfortable workout experience.

However athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from using compression shirts. The best upper body compression garments have other benefits for the general public.

Compression shirts and weight loss

If you have put on a little weight recently, or you already started an exercise routine, but you want to experience some quick results, slimming compression shirts.

Just put on one of the best compression shirts under your regular T-shirts. You won’t believe the results. They smooth out the little extra weight you might have here or there, while offering support to the muscles. You can find short sleeve or long sleeve models as well on the market. To experience all the benefits, find a model that fits you perfectly.

Some men suffer from overgrowth of tissue in the breast area. Even though they exercise regularly, this area is still overgrown. Compression shirts help smooth out the breasts, and loose weight quicker from this part of the body.

Casual people can wear compression shirts too. With some movies portraying the likes of Batman and Superman and at the same time montages of fit, muscular actors exercising on the big screen wearing compression shirts, the general public has also become more accepting of these garments.

There are differences in the design of the best compression shirts for men and the best compression shirts for women. Since the two sexes have different muscular makeup, their compression shirts also have different designs. Also the designs of these two models differ.

Best compression shirts for men

Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Armour Long-Sleeve Shirt

Most athletes could use a long sleeve compression shirt. When playing outside the UA Heatgear gives much needed protection against the sunlight. Powered with a strong, UPF 30+ UV Ray protection, it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Made of the HeatGear fabric, and combining all the benefits of UnderArmour Compression. It lets your skin breathe and dry up. It has stretch-mesh underarm panels to deliver strategic ventilation to the place where sweating is the biggest issue for most people.

When playing sports mobility is of the essence. The best compression shirts get a very delicate balance right. They are strong and firm enough to press your muscles and give shape to your body, but they give you a lot of mobility.

When you are playing outside, you get sweaty easily. The UA Heatgear works so well because it has a moisture wicking system that transports the sweat away from your body.

UnderArmour Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt

This short sleeve model is comfortable, stretchable and gives you all the benefits of compression technology. Just like the UnderArmour Heatgear, this model also comes with stretch-mesh underarm panels to provide better ventilation and keep your skin dry throughout exercising.

It also has UV protection, an essential element if you are exercising outside. The model comes with four way stretch fabrication that allows enhanced mobility whichever direction you want it. For further protection its moisture wicking transport system wicks sweat away from the skin.

Made of synthetic materials, 84% polyester and 16% elastane. This fabric makeup gives great tone to your body while still letting it move and stretch. You will not want to take them off, looking like Adonis with a perfectly toned body and feeling so comfortable.

JustOneStyle Black Running Base Layer Shirt

This compression shirt is an excellent choice for runners. Runners need to have a base layer shirt to provide added structure and support for their muscles. The compression fit of the JustOneStyle shirt bolsters support and produces better blood circulation.

As most runners prefer running outdoors over the treadmill, it is vital that the best running compression shirts come equipped with UV radiation protection.

Thankfully the JustOneStyle Compression running shirts are machine washable, saving you considerable time and effort.

Comes at a considerably cheaper price than its UnderArmour counterparts. With this compression shirt you get a great model that feels comfortable and provides all the benefits of compression technology for a value price.

Under Armour Men’s Superhero Compression Shirt

Maybe many people wouldn’t wear these to the gym, or show up publicly in these, but these compression shirts are an excellent way to look muscular while living out your inner geek. Available in many designs, such as Captain America, the Flash, Batman and Superman.

The shirts were made from the patented Under Armour HeatGear fabric. This  4-way stretch fabrication allows for greater mobility while giving more tone to your body. The moisture transport system of the fabric wicks away your sweat and dries up fast. Since you can wear these shirts the whole day, the fabrics anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes. At the same time the fabric prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Best compression shirts for women

DRSKIN Women’s Compression Running Shirt

This compression shirt is made of ultra soft fabric (92% polyester and 8% spandex) to provide a smooth, comfortable feel on your body with very little weight and no restriction. The fabric is elastic and durable, blocs out 98.8% of the UV light.

Great for all sports, such as running, tennis, weight training, yoga, cycling, skiing and snowboarding. It’s quick time dry system lets the sweat evaporate from your skin. The shirt allows two way air circulation, to keep you warm during the winter, and dry during summer months.

You get to enjoy all the benefits of the best compression shirt for women without sacrificing comfort or looks. Do better in the gym, and recover faster from workouts while looking great in the best compression shirt for women.


The best compression shirts allow you to enjoy all the benefits of compression clothing on your upper body. They give you protection against the elements, yet improve blood circulation. They don’t restrict your movement, but add tone to your body. The best compression shirts for men and women can help your whole workout tremendously, or make weight loss quicker.