Compression Shorts for Chafing: Which are the best models?

As an avid runner, I feel the importance of great quality running gear every day. Poorly designed, faulty clothes can turn even the most relaxing, enjoyable running session into a struggle. There are several questions I get from friends about what type of running gear to buy. However the following ones stand out: Will compression shorts stop chafing? If so, which are the best compression shorts for chafing? I have put together a little list to answer these questions once and for all.

The Importance of Great Running Gear

As we are just entering 2018, we can see more people outside in running gear than normal. Many people make the resolution to exercise more in the year ahead of us, and in the beginning they certainly keep their commitment. One thing that can keep up your initial good vibes and resolve is comfortable running gear. Nothing kills one’s motivation quicker, than poor quality clothes. Running compression socks can help you avoid common muscle pain and fatigue. Running shirts will keep you warm even when running outside during the winter months. These carefully designed clothing items can prevent the common risk factors involved with running, such as twisted ankles, muscle pulls and ankle strains. Even smaller injuries, such as chafing and skin burn can make running a miserable experience.

What is Chafing?

WebMd defines chafing as the painful and annoying result of skin rubbing against skin or clothing. Thankfully that sentence contains in itself the solution to the problem. Reduce either the skin rubbing against skin, or the skin against the clothing. In the first instance loosing weight or adopting a better running technique can help. In the second case the solution is to wear specially designed compression shorts for chafing.

One of the riskiest area for chafing are your thighs. Many runners complain that the repeated rubbing of the compression shorts with the inside of their legs creates chafing. This can happen easily at the top of the thighs, which are prone to sweating a lot and where plenty of rubbing occurs. However I have great news: If you choose one of the best compression shorts for chafing, you don’t have to be afraid of this debilitating condition.

Features of the Best Compression Shorts for Chafing

When it comes to choosing compression shorts for chafing, the most important points to take into consideration are the following: material, fit, breathability, and the moisture wicking ability of the shorts.

As far as material goes, the only one to avoid is cotton. It has a natural water absorbing tendency, which means your shorts will become saggy and wet as you run. They will make any soreness worse and make you feel uncomfortable. Most compression shorts for chafing are made of some combination of nylon, lycra and spandex.

If you can, choose compression shorts that have copper infused nylon in them. The copper content has a natural antibacterial effect. These shorts keep the inside of your thighs dry and free of microbes.

Always look for compression shorts that fit your legs perfectly. Too loose shorts are useless. The compression can’t have its positive effects, and the shorts can’t apply pressure on the veins to aid blood circulation. If the shorts are saggy, the material might get caught up between your legs. If this happens multiple times, chafing is guaranteed. Too tight compression shorts stifle blood flow rather than help it.  If you already own loosely fitting running shorts, then you might consider buying a pair of compression shorts. Wearing them under regular running shorts works well, just like in the case of bike compression shorts.

Compression shorts with high inseams are also great for preventing chafing. These shorts have an extra layer between the skin and your upper thigh.

The best compression shorts for chafing are made of breathable materials. They allow your skin to breathe and the moisture to evaporate. Wet skin makes the likelihood of chafing and skin burn higher. Keep your skin dry and you can avoid such problems.

The Best Compression Shorts for Chafing

CompressionZ Men’s Compression Shorts

  • Comfortable: Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex.
  • Breathable: Made of anti-odor and anti-bacterial material. Excellent for long distance running, stays dry even during marathons and triathlon races.
  • Protection against skin irritation: The careful design, quality materials and breathability makes chafing a bad memory from the past.
  • Special stretch: Made with CompressionZ 4-way stretch technology. The material hugs around your quad and hamstring muscles.
  • Graduated compression: Promotes blood circulation and quick muscle recovery, minimises injury risk by applying 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression to your leg muscles.
  • 100% money-back guarantee: The company is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with these anti-chafing compression shorts.

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Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts

  • Comfortable materials: Made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Non-abrasive, elastic fabric with excellent durability.
  • Machine washable: Save time and effort with these easy to clean compression shorts.
  • Tight fit: Streamlined design, fits your tight and quad muscles perfectly. Made with 4-way stretch fabrication.
  • Excellent value: Three compression shorts in one pack, for the price of one premium compression short.
  • Style: Available in many different colours, such as black, grey, white, blue, red, green.
  • Neleus is a young company, established in 2008. They are known for manufacturing some of the most innovative, price-friendly consumer products in sports.

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Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech Compression Shorts

  • Material: 100% poly, dry through and moisture wicking material. Poly-lycra blend. Made with revolutionary Ecoinn (eco-friendly and innovative) dry-through technology.
  • Machine washable: Save time and effort with these easy to clean compression shorts.
  • Moisture wicking: Provides moisture control by letting the air move freely and keep your skin dry.
  • Anti-chafing: Irritation free, anti-chafing design.
  • Stretchable: 4-way stretch technology provides comfort, excellent base layer garment for a comfortable running experience.

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Chafing, irritation and skin burn are serious problems for regular runners. However if you wear the best compression shorts for chafing, you won’t have to suffer from skin problems again. If you choose one of the best running compression shorts, you will never have to concern yourself with the question: Will compression shorts stop chafing?


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