Best Running Gloves: How to Find Waterproof and Windproof Running Gloves

It is very rare that I read any blog posts talking about the best running gloves. Or that I hear runners talking about their favourite running glove models. I think most runners don’t realise how important these pieces of equipment can be if you like to run outside during the cold winter months.

It is possible to get by without gloves. You can just touch out the cold. You can also pull the sleeves of your compression shirt or your running jacket over your wrist. Although this is going to be uncomfortable. And it is going to take your focus away from running. Who wants to be focusing on the sleeves of his jacket, instead of your steps, the scenery, or the signals of your body.

Knitted Wool Gloves for Running

I personally used to run with knitted wool gloves on my hands. I cut off the fingers so I could use the touchscreen on my phone when I wanted to change the song I was listening to. The problem with wool gloves is that they are not breathable. They absorb the moisture, the sweat from your hand. The gloves would get soaking wet, and after a while my hands would start freezing. Running in knitted wool gloves is not a good idea.

Instead in this article I recommend four different running gloves. They are the following:

When Should You Wear the Best Running Gloves?

The time to wear the best running gloves depends mainly on the temperature and the weather. I usually start wearing them when the temperature drops under 30 degrees. However I can take cold pretty well. I have friends who start wearing them as soon as the weather gets a bit chilly and foggy in the autumn. The warmest running gloves are too hot around 60 degrees in my opinion, but thinner models might do a great job. So all is relative.

Everybody is different. However if you are thinking about not using running gloves, keep in mind that your extremities can cool down faster than your core. This is due to the distance of your extremities from your heart. Your hands have only small capillaries in them, so no matter how good your circulation is, they are going to cool out fast.

Some companies manufacture waterproof running gloves. I like these models, and I might wear them even if it is raining in warm weather. Especially if the wind starts blowing. It is not that I can’t take a little bit of rain, but sometimes it is raining in such an uncomfortable way, and the wind is blowing the raindrops all over the place. Then I like to be more comfortable and go running in my warm, coasy waterproof running gloves.

How to Find the Best Running Gloves

If you want to buy the best running gloves, you have to make the same decision you would when buying the best thermal running pants, or any other piece of running equipment. You need to make a conscious decision about what type of gloves you want. Which features are a must for you? Which are only nice to have. Also make a decision about how much you are willing to spend on them. Then find the best thermal gloves your money can buy. As with most running gear, the premium models are going to cost you. However you can find very similar models, that offer great value, no matter your budget.

Here are some features to consider when shopping for the best running gloves.


This is not the most important thing in most runners’ minds, but come on. If you spend top dollar for a pair of premium quality running gloves, you want them to look good on you. You want them to match the colour of your other running clothes. Thankfully most great running gloves come in a variety of styles and colours.


You need to know in what temperature you want to wear the gloves, and find the model with the appropriate warmth. Are you going to run in sub zero temperatures? Are you just going to go for a brief morning jog on the sands of ocean beaches? Cold means completely different temperatures in these two contexts.


Warmth and wind protection are all about the materials and the knitting technology used. The best running gloves that protect you against the wind  are made of multiple layers. Usually there is a comfortable inner layer. The send or third layers are either knitted on the outside of the gloves, or in some cases sprayed. The best windstopper gloves are also breathable. These models are on the pricey side, since it is hard to produce a glove that keeps the wind out, but lets the sweat evaporate from your skin. But such gloves are worth the investment.


When talking about waterproof running gloves, don’t expect models that keep you dry even if you take a dive into the ocean. These gloves are great for keeping the rain off your hands. Just like with windproof gloves, the models which are waterproof but breathable are premium models, but a worthy investment in my opinion. Especially if the climate in your hometown makes it so.


Needless to say, if your gloves are too tight, or too loose you will not enjoy your run a lot. Too tight running gloves can create problems by cutting off blood circulation at your wrist. This is very unhealthy, dangerous and makes your hands even colder.


There are running gloves on the market that have zippers on them. I prefer these gloves, because their fit can be adjusted by how much you pull the zippers up.


This is a huge one for me. With the advent of smartphones and touch screens you need the tactile function of the fingers on the glove. Wool gloves and cheaper running gloves don’t work with touch screens. The screen just doesn’t recognise them. It would be very frustrating to take off your gloves every time you want to switch to a different song. The best running gloves have touch-screen compatible forefingers and thumbprints.

The Best Running Gloves

AOFU Winter Gloves

First and foremost I fell in love with these gloves because of their design. They have zippers on the upper part, which ensures perfect fit. They also look badass. Three fingers have fingertips that you can use with the touchscreen of your phone. They are super light and elastic. They preserve heat excellently. The palms of the gloves are covered with anti-slipping silicone. These are one of the best water resistant running gloves on the market.

Prodigen Outdoor Winter Running Gloves

These running gloves were designed for the really cold days of winter, as their name suggests. They are made of premium Dacron and fluff material. The thumb and index fingers can be used to control your phone. These winter running gloves are not only warm, but they are windproof and waterproof too. There is a zipper on the back of the glove, to adjust their feel and fit.


Manzella Ultratouch Gloves

These gloves are windproof, and very comfortable. It is enough to look at the raving Amazon reviews to be convinced about their quality. All the fingers have digital grid reflexive rubber prints. The outer layer is made with a silkweight windproof layer. These glover are only available in one colour, black. This is probably their only downside. They are available both for men and women.


TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Running Gloves

These running gloves designed for women are available in three different colour combinations. They are made of a special stretch polar tech power stretch fabric. This is just a fancy term, but what I know for sure is they are super soft and keep your hands very warm. They pull up on your hands and hold them like a cradle. These gloves are touchscreen compatible. I huge plus about these gloves is that you can try them out without any risk. They come with a total money back guarantee. If you don’t like them, just send them back and the company refunds your money, no questions asked.


The best running gloves are an important piece in your running equipment. Waterproof and windproof models keep your hands warm, clear and dry. Use them in the right conditions, and keep your hands warm.


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