Best Running Compression Jackets: Stay Dry and Fashionable During Your Runs

When I was living in London I saw many people running in the mornings to their workplaces. Many of them wore some of the best running compression jackets. This is no surprise as London is a rather windy and rainy city. The best compression running jackets are essential if you want to keep your upper body rejuvenated, dry and also want to look fashionable.

Even though running mostly works your lower body, especially the thigh and calf muscles, your upper body also has to work. The best compression jackets for running cradle your torso, keeping the blood circulating to the muscles.

Running motion requires your whole torso to move. If you ever started running with muscle soreness in your belly or back, you exactly feel how much every single muscle of your core works while you are running.

Runners have been at the forefront of bringing compression wearables into the public consciousness. Runners also use compression shirts to compress their upper body muscles. The best running compression jackets can not only improve your performance, but it also shields you from the elements.

How Do the Best Running Compression Jackets Work?

The best running compression jackets put pressure on your upper body muscles. By doing so the veins in your body are also under pressure. The veins get smaller in diameter, thus the blood flows quicker. This has multiple positive effects, all due to the improved blood circulation. During exercise the nutrients and oxygen reach the muscles quicker. After the workout the waste materials get washed out from the muscles sooner, so the athlete can be back to his best in less time.

Many athletes have to deal with inflammation. This condition can occur as a result of overtraining or infection. Plantar fasciitis is common among runners, also a form of inflammation.

One of the best ways to treat inflammation is to increase the blood flow to the affected area. The T cells of the immune system travel with the blood. By wearing the best compression jackets for running  blood flow improves and inflammation subsides quicker.

The best compression jackets for running help avoid soft tissue injuries. The muscles have a natural vibration during movement. This is not a concern, but if the muscle is tired, or it has a small tear, this can become bigger due to the vibration. The best running compression jackets hold your muscles like a cradle, thus lowering their vibration.


What should you look for in the best compression jackets for running?

1) Right fit

There is one very important category that every compression jacket you buy should fulfil. If it doesn’t, then even if it. is the best running compression jacket, it won’t make a difference. It should fit your body perfectly.

If the jacket is too tight, you won’t be able to move your arms and torso correctly. If it is too big, the compression technology is useless. The jacket can’t put any pressure on your skin.

Always check the size chart on the Amazon page of the product. If you are unsure, you can check some reviews to see if the product comes in the size it claims to come in. If you have a chance, then try out the product in your local sports goods store. Either you can buy it there, or continue searching for a better price online.

2) Visibility

If you like running at night, wearing UV reflective or bright running jackets is a must. Such jackets reflect the light of approaching vehicles, so that the driver becomes aware of you. This is crucial for your safety.

3) Material

The best running compression jackets have moisture wicking material on their inside. They let the sweat evaporate from your skin. This is crucial for hygiene and comfort. Some compression shirts and jacket even have antibacterial silver linen woven into them. Such jackets prevent bacterial growth, which is also crucial for hygiene. Some compression products contain copper for the same purposes.

The best running compression jackets are made of a mixture of spandex, polyester, nylon and mesh.

Waterproof compression running jackets are a must if you live in certain countries. As I mentioned before, I used to live in London. I could not imagine leaving the house without my waterproof running compression jacket.

The durability of the jacket is also crucial. The jacket has to take the wear and tear of daily workouts and runs. If you like cross country running, or trail running, the jacket might get caught in branches. It is crucial that the running compression jacket does not tear up if this happens.

Which are the best running compression jackets?

Belleap UV Protection Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Jacket

  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Excellent elasticity and flexibility to the fabric.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Lets the sweat evaporate from your skin and keeps you dry during exercise.
  • Tight fit design
  • Unfortunately available only in one colour: navy.

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Women’s Stretchy Workout Dri-Fit Hooded Jacket

  • A very classy, excellent jacket for outdoor runs.
  • Tight fit design.
  • The hood protects your head against the elements. One thumbhole on each arm.
  • Breathable fabric keeps your skin dry. Keeps you cool during the summer, warm during the winter.
  • Machine washable in cold water.
  • Available in six colours: black, blue, grey, green, pink, white.


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This article intended to give you a brief review of what to look for in order to find the best running compression jackets for yourself. The best compression jackets for running are fashionable, have durable and breathable materials, protect you against the elements and fit your body perfectly. If you want to enhance your athletic performance, recover quicker and avoid inflammation, wearing compression running jackets is a must.

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