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Best Compression Tops – How to choose the best workout shirts?

Whenever I go to the gym, I see serious athletes and bodybuilders wearing some of the best compression tops. Even a few years ago compression shirts were not normal, only a handful of really committed bodybuilders wore them. Nowadays these garments are a respected part of any gym goer’s wardrobe. Let’s look at what makes the best compression tees and the best compression tops for men and women.

Why wear compression tops?

The best compression workout tops help by aiding your performance in the gym as well as speeding up the recovery between two workout sessions.

Compression tops work on a very basic premise. The garment puts pressure on the skin, which in turn pressures the veins. This speeds up blood flow.

Higher endurance threshold

During exercise the blood transports oxygen to the muscles quicker, and removes the carbon dioxide from the muscles. This improved oxygen supply helps the muscles work longer during endurance exercises. This is the reason runners started wearing compression socks. In the gym endurance exercises include working with smaller weights, but for longer bouts.

Quicker recovery

During strenuous exercise waste materials, such as lactic acid build up. This material is responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is the phenomena of pain in the muscles even up to 48  or 72 hours after exercising. The quicker blood flow helps wash out waste materials from the muscles. This in turn prevents DOMS.

Reduced muscle vibration

The best compression tops reduce muscle vibrations during workout in the gymMuscles have a natural vibration during movement. This can be the result of the muscle interacting with the environment, for example when your legs hit the road during running. Or this vibration can be a result of the muscle’s own movement. The best compression tops reduce this vibration, as they hold the muscles tightly. The material of the compression shirt cradles the muscle, and forces it to move in a more efficient way. The reduction in vibrations is a major reason for a reduced risk of injury when wearing compression tops.

Recovery after injury

While recovering from an injury the improved blood circulation and quicker blood flow helps the muscles rebuild themselves. During inflammation the T cells of the immune system can reach the inflamed areas quicker.

The best compression tops prevent edema. This condition involves swelling of the limbs as a result of excess fluid building up among the cells. This phenomena can appear as a result of little movement, which is common after coming back from major injuries. The compression technology helps balance the osmotic pressure, which in turn removes the excess fluids.

You can read more about edema on Wikipedia here. Read more about how compression technology can treat edema here.


Best compression top for womenIf you exercise outdoors, a common problem you have to face is your muscles cooling down if you start moving for a few minutes. Cool muscles are at a high risk of injury as a result of their stiffness. The best compression tops are made of materials that keep your muscles warm even during the cold days.

Body shape

Compression tops hold your upper body tightly. They make you look slimmer. If you have a little excess fat on your muscles, the best compression shirts can give you a slim, yet toned look. You wonder why the superheroes look so jacked on the movie screen? Part of that is hard training, but wearing superhero compression shirts helps too.

What makes the best compression tops?

One thing is for certain. There is no one product on the market, which is categorically the best. The best compression top might be different for everybody. However all the products that have a shot of being one of the best have to satisfy almost all of the following categories.


Most compression tees are made of a combination of spandex, nylon, polyester and lycra. However the best compression tops all have moisture wicking materials. There is nothing worse than sitting in your own sweat during exercising. Moisture wicking materials let your sweat evaporate, thus keeping your skin dry.

Anti bacterial

The sweat of a human is the perfect growing ground for bacteria. This makes sweat soaked compression shirts not very hygienic. Hence the best compression shirts have anti bacterial material woven into their fabric.

CopperCompression prides itself on producing compression shirts with the highest copper content on the market. Copper has antibacterial effects. The other material often used for such purposes is silver.

Graduated compression

There are two types of compression on the market: graduated and uniform. The best compression tops all use graduated compression. This technology puts the most pressure on you wrists and lower arms, and the pressure slightly subsides as the shirts is closer to your heart. This technology helps blood circulation the most without restricting movement or cutting off blood flow anywhere. Uniform compression shirts are available only with doctor’s prescription. They are used most often for treating edema.


Best compression tops fit the body tightly.The best compression shirt for you must fit your body perfectly. If the shirt is too tight, you will feel like suffocating inside it. If it is too loose, the compression technology can’t put pressure on the veins. Always check the size chart on the product’s Amazon page to avoid choosing the wrong size compression shirt.

Machine Washable

The best compression tees are machine washable. This saves you considerable time and effort. Imagine hand washing your compression top after every workout…

I always order multiple from the same compression gear. This way I can keep a rotation. I work out every day, by having three shirts I can always have a clean one ready, and after three days I wash them together with the other dark clothes I have.

Seamless design

Poorly designed seas can make wearing compression shirts a real nightmare. They can cause chaffing or skin burn. The best compression tops either have a seamless design, or they have flat lock stitching. This way your skin is protected from the abrasive effects of poorly designed seams.

Which are the best compression shirts for men and women?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best compression shirts sold on Amazon. What are the pros and cons of each model?

Champion Men’s Double Dry Compression Shirt

  • Machine washable
  • Flatlock stitching to prevent chaffing
  • Double dry moisture wicking fabric
  • Super soft mock mesh fabric
  • Very comfortable, snug fit
  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve version.

DRSKIN Compression Cool Base Layer Shirt

  • Smooth and soft fabric that provides comfort with very little restriction
  • 98.8% UV blocking, non abrasive fabric with excellent elasticity and durability
  • Perfect for all seasons and sports – gym, running, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, water sports
  • Moisture wicking fabric with two way air circulation
  • Keeps you cool during the summer and warm during winter
  • Available in 36 colours!
  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve versions.





Image Men’s Compression Base Layer Shirt

  • Great slimming effect, belly and body shaping vest
  • Available for a value price
  • Helps weight loss
  •  80% nylon, 20% polyester fiber with moisture wicking attributes


GAOAG Women’s Compression Bodybuilding Fitness Top

  • Non abrasive fabric with excellent elasticity and durability
  • Moisture wicking fabric with two way air circulation
  • Anti-bacterial fabric with odor control



Lavento Women’s Sport Compression Shirts

  • 85% polyester and 15% spandex, moisture wicking two way dry material
  • Feels comfortable like a second skin
  • Odor resistance
  • 4 way stretch fabric moves with you, always holding your muscles tight, but never restricting movement.
  • Available in 21 different colours!


I hope this article helped you find the best compression top for your situation. No matter if you are looking for workout gear or if your are recovering from an injury, the best compression tees have certain characteristics. They are comfortable, use graduated compression, let your skin breathe and their material has antibacterial qualities.

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