Best Compression Socks For Large Calves – Buying guide for men and women

Do you have larger calves than most people? If so, you must find it frustrating that most compression socks feel tight. You must be wondering which are the best compression socks for large calves? If you have wider calves than normal, this article will help you choose the best compression socks for wide calves. We are going to look at which are the best brands of extra wide calf compression socks. These models are also referred to as extra large compression socks.

Before looking at the best extra large compression socks, let’s take a look at what are their traits. What should one look for in the best compression socks for large calves?

Large Calves

First of all, what can cause large calves? There can be multiple reasons for your calves being larger than they should be. A positive cause can be intense sports activity, and never skipping leg day in the gym. In worse cases your calves can become swollen as a result of poor lifestyle choices. Edema – or swollen feet – affects so many people that edema compression socks have become a huge segment of the compression wearables market.

How can you check if the width of your calves is affected by edema? If you push your finger into your calves and it leaves a little valley instead of your skin jumping out straight away, you are likely suffering from edema.

What causes swollen feet and wide calves?

  • Poor diet with too many carbohydrates
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Pregnancy – maternity compression leggings can do wonders in this case.
  • Taking birth control pills
  • Allergic reactions
  • Spider veins and varicose veins

It is crucial to treat swollen calves as soon as possible. One of the best treatment options is to wear the best compression socks for large calves. If untreated, this condition can cause high blood pressure, headaches or heart problems.

Check out this article if you want to read more about the best edema compression socks.

Traits of the best compression socks for large calves

Graduated compression

There are basically two types of compression socks on the market. Graduated and uniform compression. The best compression socks for large calves are graduated models. These put the largest pressure on your ankles, and the pressure slightly subsides as the socks get higher on legs. This design aids circulation the most without cutting out blood flow. Uniform compression is used mostly for treating swelling.

What strength of compression is the best? Well, everybody is different. There are compression socks from 5 mm Hg up to 30 mm Hg. (The more mm Hg the more pressure the socks put on your skin.) The more severe your problems are, the stronger compression you might need.

5-10 mm Hg: low compression. These models are recommended if you want to prevent muscle soreness, or you want to help your athletic performance a little bit.

10-20 mm Hg: medium compression. These models are the best if you experience mild cases of swelling, or muscle soreness after competition.

20-30 mm Hg: strong compression socks: These models can help treat severe cases of edema, plantar fasciitis, or shin splints.

30+ mm Hg: The compression socks are medical grade compression socks.


The best compression socks for wide calves have to be stretchable. Most compression socks are made of a mixture of nylon and spandex.

The socks have to be firm, hold your skin tightly. Otherwise the compression technology couldn’t have a full effect. If the material wiggles, the garment can’t press the muscles and it can’t help the veins transport the blood quicker.

Breathability and hygiene

The best compression socks for large calves let your skin breathe. While running, or cycling you start to sweat. There is nothing worse than the sweat soaking your socks. This is not only uncomfortable but it is not very hygienic either.

Your sweat is full of minerals and water. It is a natural environment for bacteria to grow. The best large calf compression socks contain antibacterial materials. Most socks for extra large calves contain yarns of copper. CopperCompression built their entire business model on these types of compression products.

Seamless design

The best compression socks for large calves have no seams. Poorly designed seams can cause chaffing and skin burn. There is nothing worse than the seams crawling your skin. If the seams irritate your skin, you won’t be able to use your large calve compression socks regularly. Buying them would prove to be a waste of money.

Different Types of Compression Socks for Large Calves

There are very different types of large calf compression socks. Running compression socks for large calves are very different than products designed for nurses with large calves. Men’s compression socks for large calves differ from women’s compression socks for large calves primarily in their design, colours and size. This proves that there is no one product that could be labelled as the best compression socks for large calves. The best compression socks for large calves are largely context dependent, and there are individual preferences at play too.

Running Compression Socks for Large Calves

Which ones are the best running compression socks for large calves. For me the most important features in running socks are the fit and its breathability. If the socks don’t fit well, they are useless. If they are too tight they are very hard to put on and running in them will feel very uncomfortable. If they are too loose the socks can’t apply pressure on the legs. Their compression becomes useless.

So how can you check if the sock you want to buy are the right fit? There is a size chart on the Amazon page of each product. Check this chart carefully. These charts allow you to choose compression socks based on your leg size.

If the socks are not breathable, your sweat can’t evaporate from your skin. Running in them will become like jumping into puddles in no time. Not to mention that this is not very hygienic. Your sweat is one of the best environments for bacteria to thrive. If you want to keep your skin dry and clean, buying the best breathable running compression socks for large calves is a must.

 The Best Running Large Calf Compression Socks

ABD Athlete Plus Size Compression Socks

These socks are made of a blend of nylon, polyester and spandex. The 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression of the socks provides better blood circulation for the calves. They have a specially designed, extra comfortable heel and toe cushion. The company offers the most durable compression socks on the market. It is an excellent model to treat DVT, varicose veins, swelling, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Click here to check further reviews and pricing options on Amazon


Best Women’s Compression Socks for Large Calves

 Nurse Mates Women’s Wide Calf Compression Socks

This is one of the best compression socks for large calves for women. It has the great design of Nurse Mate’s compression socks, which makes these such popular products among nurses. However they are also great for other women. These compression socks are excellent for wide calf sizes. They put a reasonable, medium level 12-14 mm Hg pressure on your calves. These socks come with a special, well designed comfortable heel and toe pockets. The material is an ultra soft, comfortable, breathable microfiber blend.




Xpandasox Women’s Plus Size Lymphedema Socks

These extra large calf compression socks offer a mild graduated compression to fight lymphedema. It is also effective at preventing or making swelling go away. Machine washable compression socks, also you can put them into the dryer. I love how comfortable they are. They feature extra soft padding at the bottom as well at the heels. Perfect for wearing after surgeries, or lymphedema wraps. Made of breathable materials, which lets your skin get fresh air and feel comfortable.



Jobst Relief Compression Therapy Socks

Jobst have made a name for itself as a manufacturer of reliable, excellent quality compression wearables. These socks reach up all the way to your knees. Available in silky beige and black colours. These models put a large amount of compression, over 20 mm Hg on your calves. An ideal, comfortable model for women with extra large calves.



Best Men’s Compression Socks for Large Calves

Mojo Compression Socks

Although not designed with people with large calves in mind, these socks are so stretchable that they are excellent for wide calves. Made of the company’s signature Coolmax brand, they are designed to make your feet feel comfortable. They stretch just enough to be comfortable, yet hold your legs firmly. Made of a breathable nylon-coolmax nylon and lycra mix. They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated pressure on your calves, which is designed to have a pumping effect. It helps transport the excess fluids away from your calves. The feet and heels have extra padding for added comfort. Look stylish, feel comfortable and recover from calf swelling in these great men’s large calf compression socks.




There is no one model that could be labelled as the best compression socks for large calves. Every person’s needs are different. Always check the size charts or try on the extra large compression socks in the shop when choosing extra wide calf compression socks.


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