Best Compression Socks for Nurses – Stunning Value, Amazing Prices

I know so many nurses who complain of leg pains. Nursing is a standing occupation, being on your feet and walking for hours is part of the job description.

However, it does not need to be painful. And the solution does not have to make a significant dent on your finances either. Let’s look at which compression socks are the best value options out there on the market today.

For many in the profession, sitting down at the end of their shift and taking off their shoes is not as joyful as it could be, as they often suffer from swollen feet, muscle pains, ulcers, edema and varicose veins.  Compression socks can help you get rid of these conditions.

Even if you don’t suffer from any of these, wearing a pair of low pressure graduated socks can help you prevent any of these occurring in the future.

Let’s look at what is expected from a pair of good quality compression socks.

    1. Comfort

      This is probably the most important quality of all. If the socks are not comfortable, they are going to do more harm than good. You are not going to wear them every day. Even if you will, uncomfortable models can cause blisters and skin burns.

    2. Quality materials

      The material has to be high quality. This in my book means that it lets your skin breathe, it is durable, it doesn’t loose its elasticity with repeated use and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. I also want my socks to have moisture wicking and anti-bacterial qualities. If I am going to wear something for more than eight hours, I would rather wear something that keeps my legs in a hygienic environment.

    3. Graduated compression

       I recommend that you wear a graduated compression model. These put the most pressure on the ankles, and slightly less pressure on the veins as they get closer to the heart. This type of compression allows the greatest blood flow. In case you experience severe swelling or edema in one muscle group in your leg, you might want to see a medical professional, who might prescribe targeted or uniform compression socks.

    4. Pressure applied

      Most models for regular wear on the job are going to be low or medium compression products. Low compression products apply around 15 to 20 mm Hg pressure around the ankles. Between 20 mm Hg and 30 mm Hg is considered medium compression. Above this are the high pressure models, these can not be bought without prescription from a medical professional.

    5. Style

      Since you are going to wear these models for work, you need to look for something that is not going to get you into the HR offices for a chat about workplace clothing etiquette. At the same time they have to reflect your personality. All the models recommended below come in a number of styles, or they have a unique design appropriate for a hospital setting.


      It is possible that you experience regular pain in your achilles tendons. Some nurses have uncomfortable feelings in the balls of their feet. Others complain of severe pain in their arch, a sign of plantar fasciitis. There are special models to deal with all of these pains. If this is the case, check out our articles about the specialised models recommended for such medical conditions.

Go2 Compression Socks

These socks are basically a safe bet for nurses and office workers, almost everybody. They don’t offer special care for any condition but they are as good as they come for every day use.
They are available in a wide variety of styles, in no less than 33 different colours. They are designed to provide hygiene and comfort for your legs while keeping them dry and fighting moisture.
All of them are medium pressure graduated models with between 20 and 30 mm Hg pressure applied at the ankles. They can be worn during your sleep if you would like to speed up the muscle recovery process after a hard day of work.
They are very easy to put on thanks to the elastic nylon material.
They are also marketed as sports socks, which has a great advantage when it comes to nurses wearing them. They are blended nylon infused with silver to fight door, bacteria and moisture.
They can be machine washed, which will save you a lot of time. They come at a value price, with most models priced below thirty dollars on Amazon.

Nurse Mates Compression Trouser Socks

 This model is most famous for its design. It has EKG heartbeat lines on its sides, which makes it a funny, yet appropriate choice for nurses and other hospital workers.
It is a low pressure, graduated compression product with only 12-14 mm Hg pressure applied around the ankles. They fit the legs very well, and even have a rubber band at the top which provides superior fit. The band is very elastic, it won’t cut off the circulation.  They can be cleaned easily, they are machine washable without loosing any elasticity. They come in only one style, with the well renowned EKG symbols. For such a low price, these socks are excellent if you don’t want to wash them every day, and you want to buy more pairs in order to get a rotation going.

Dr. Motion Socks

 Dr. Motion’s graduated compression socks can be bough for a very low price, four pairs can be gotten for a price below thirty dollars.
These are the perfect socks if you have a large calf, or you prefer a looser fit product. A band at the top of the model provides good fit. They are low pressure models, with only 8-15 mm Hg pressure applied at the ankles. This low pressure makes it perfect if you are new to nursing, without any developed problems, but you wish to get something that will prevent ulcers, edema or foot swelling from developing. The product comes in a package containing four different pairs of compression socks. There are sixteen different packages, all with different combinations, giving you a large variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Do you have experience with any of these models? Is there anything more you would want from the best value compression socks for nurses? Leave a comment below!

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