Best Brand of Compression Stockings for Nurses

I know many nurses. Most of them started wearing nursing compression sleeves and socks. Since wearing these socks they experienced a significant improvement in wellbeing and comfort. Those nurses who don’t yet use compression stockings often ask me which is the best brand of compression stockings for nurses?

The Truth

There is no one brand of compression stockings that could be labelled as the best one when it comes to manufacturing compression socks for nurses. However there are a number of companies that have plenty of experience when it comes to manufacturing compression gear. These brands include Jobst, Absolute Support or Truform. These brands all produce excellent compression stockings that can prevent leg pain so common among nurses.

The best nursing compression stocking brand varies on what type of compression stockings the nurse is looking for exactly. Is she looking for full length or knee-high compression stockings? Is she looking for see through or more stylish models?

Without further ado let’s take a look at the best brand of compression stockings for nurses, and the best models of each of these brands. What are the positives and negatives of each of these brands?

Jobst Relief 20-30 mm Hg Thigh High Open Toe Beige Compression Stockings

 Jobst has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high quality, durable compression stockings. Their excellent, graduated compression models are popular among nurses. One of their biggest positive is the unique knitting technology with which they are made. Jobst uses special 3-D knitting technology and air covered spandex yarn. This gives the stockings soft touch and a special, comfortable feel. This is essential if you want to wear the stockings during your long shifts, hours on end. The stockings have a snug fit, and stay in place. This is partly due to the comfortable silicone band at the top, which keeps them attached to your thighs. These unisex compression stockings provide relief from varicose veins while preventing swelling and leg pain. Their design and comfortable feel definitely makes Jobst one of the best compression stocking manufacturers around.

AbsoluteSupport 20-30 mm Hg Graduated Compression Stockings with Control Top

AbsoluteSupport is one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses. It is an excellent company when it comes to manufacturing figure flattering compression stockings. These products for nurses make your figure look smaller, thus making you look like you just lost a few pounds. These nursing compression stockings put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated pressure on your legs. Graduated compression means the pressure is largest on the ankles, where the veins have to work the hardest to transfer the blood up towards the heart. Then the pressure slightly subsides as the stockings get higher on the legs.  This significantly enhances your blood circulation and helps relieve pain. It also helps end swelling and prevent calf cramps.

They go very well with sandals, slippers and other comfortable footwear items. They have a footless design, so you can wear socks over them. They let your feet move around freely,

The only negative to these nursing compression stockings is that they are only available in black. However if you don’t mind, they can be an excellent choice for you. AbsoluteSupport is one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.

Truform Closed Toe Graduated Compression Stockings

These knee high graduated compression stockings are made of nylon and spandex. They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. One of their biggest advantage is their comfort. They are often used for therapeutic purposes. They are recommended for bed ridden patients who need their circulation enhanced to prevent serious muscle damage. The care with which they were manufactured makes them ideal for nursing, long flights, as well as pregnancy.

They are made of a mix of nylon and spandex. This results in durable fabric, which gives your legs long lasting medical grade support. This is essential if you wish to feel fresh and full of energy even after long shifts. Truform compression stockings will prevent swelling and inflammation in your legs and your feet.

The stockings cover your feet as well as your legs. This model is recommended if you feel pain in your feet after long work shifts. The graduated stockings enhance the blood circulation in your feet and thus heal problems like plantar fasciitis.

These compression stockings earn Truform a place in the pantheon of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.

Trueform 1772 Women’s Compression Stockings

These compression stockings are also a product of Truefrom. They are very similar to the model above, however they differ in two fundamental ways. They are toeless models, and they put between 15-20 mm Hg graduated pressure on your legs. The pressure levels are slightly lower than with the closed toe models, so these stockings are best when it comes to treating mild cases of venous diseases.

The toeless design affects mostly comfort. There is some additional wiggle room for your toes. This also makes them a little bit easier to put on. The stockings have rubber bands at the top, which keeps them in place, prevents them from falling down even during the busiest days in the hospital.

Trueform is represented with two compression stockings on this list, which shows you that they are one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.


There are many different compression stocking brands that manufacture products for nurses. The best brand of compression stockings for nurses manufacture comfortable graduated compression stockings that help prevent common venous diseases among nurses.


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