Benefits of Compression Stockings For Nurses

Nowadays more and more nurses started wearing compression stockings. But are these products helpful? What are the exact benefits of compression stockings for nurses? Do they prevent muscle fatigue and calf cramps like their manufacturers claim they do? Or are they just the most recent fad made up in order to part you from your money? Let’s take a look at what the science says.

At the end I will recommend two products. These are among the best compression stockings with the most benefits for nurses. These models are:

Empirical vs objective evidence

There are two types of evidence we can take into account. First, the experience and stories of those nurses who experimented with wearing compression stockings. Second, the claims of scientists and conclusions of scientific papers. Let’s examine the benefits of compression stockings for nurses from both angles.

So what does the science say?

Jobst Compression Stockings for NursesSeveral scientific papers investigated the effects of compression stockings and compression socks. One paper found that using compression stockings was effective in reversing the effects of deep vein thrombosis.

In another article about the effects of running compression socks I reviewed multiple papers investigating of the effects of wearing compression socks during runs and during recovery. Even though not all papers agreed over the extent to which compression socks helped enhance blood circulation, they all detected some kind of positive effect.

A scientific paper even investigated the risks involved with inappropriately applied compression stockings. In short, it is important to consult with a medical professional about wearing compression stockings if you have a history of skin damage. If complications occur, early intervention and proper treatment is necessary.

Empirical evidence

nursing compression socksAs far as evaluating empirical evidence goes, it is enough to check the reviews of compression stockings for nurses on Amazon to see how many people love and swear by them. Many nurses credit wearing compression stockings with a significant increase in freshness, reduction in muscle fatigue and calf cramps.

The website combines reviews and experiences of patients suffering from the same disease and trying similar treatment options. For compression stockings a majority of users found that they helped prevent blood pooling in their legs, ankle sprains and deep vein thrombosis.

I also know several nurses. They frequently complained of their long shifts. They suffered from muscle fatigue, calf cramps and swollen ankles at the end of their workdays. After they started to wear cute compression socks their feeling and overall wellbeing improved considerably.

How do compression stockings work?

Compression stockings achieve all their positive effects by helping blood circulation. The veins are responsible for circulating the blood from the extremities towards the heart. The veins gradually get tired in this job. The walls loose their firmness and the diameter of the veins increase. The blood suddenly flows slower in the veins, which means the blood washes out the waste materials from the muscles slower. Also the muscles get fresh nutrients and oxygen slower. This process leads to inflammation, muscle fatigue and cramps. If the blood flows too slow the extra fluids might get washed away slower, This causes swelling.

By putting pressure on the skin, and therefore compressing the veins compression stockings for nurses help quicker blood flow.

A residual effect of wearing compression stockings is that they force the muscles to work in a more economical way. By restricting the range of motion of the legs compression stockings force your leg muscles to get rid of any unnecessary movement patterns. This helps conserve energy and reduces muscles fatigue.

Benefits of Compression Stockings for Nurses

Why should nurses wear compression stockings? What benefits can nurses expects? What are the benefits of compression stockings for nurses?

Reduced fatigue

The improved blood circulation helps the muscles receive oxygen and nutrients quicker. The steady blood flow keeps your leg muscles fresh. This is a huge benefit of compression stockings for nurses.

Truform Women’s Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

This model has many benefits for nurses. Most importantly the 15- 20 mm Hg graduated compression that helps keep your calves fresh. These stockings reduce fatigue, but keep you comfortable. They are moderately strong compression stockings.

Excellent whether you are sitting down or you have to spend long hours on your legs. They relieve fatigue, swelling and help blood circulation. The heels are especially well designed for added comfort and durability.

Check out reviews and pricing options on Amazon


Most compression socks and stockings contain some kind of antibacterial material. These materials prevent bacterial and fungi growth. This keeps your legs more hygienic, which is an important point if you are about to wear compression socks for up to twelve or sixteen hours a day. Copper compression products are the best for this purpose. Keeping your legs hygienic and providing an antibacterial environment is one of the major benefits of compression stockings for nurses.


The looks of compression socks for nurses are very important. I presume you want to look good during your shift. Looking stylish is also one of the benefits of compression stockings for nurses. Check out these cute compression socks for nurses and these decorative compression stockings for fashionable product ideas.


Many stockings for nurses also have anti-odor material. Preventing bad smells is an important feature if you have to be on your feet for hours on end. One of the greatest benefits of compression stockings for nurses is the door control they provide. Even if you sweat all day from being busy on your feet you won’t smell anything.

Climate control

Most compression stockings are made of materials that let your skin breathe. This helps keep them cool even during the warmest summer months. Also if you work in a cold hospital, you might want to wear thick compression stockings that keep your skin warm even during the coldest winter months. Staying in cold for long might lead to muscle damage in the long run. Preventing this is a major one in the long line of benefits of compression stockings for nurses.


The firm, yet comfortable feel of compression stockings if one of the biggest benefits for nurses. These stockings hold your legs like a cradle without restricting your range of motion. This will force your muscles to work in a more economic way, and use less energy. Also the firm structure prevents your ankle joints twisting in case you take a bad step.

Graduated compression

The best compression stockings for nurses are almost all graduated compression stockings. This type has the strongest compression around your ankles and then the pressure slightly subsides as the stockings get higher on your legs. This technology aids blood circulation the most without side effects. The compression stockings help the veins fight against the force of gravity where it is strongest, and the veins are most prone to loosening up.

Graduated thigh high compression stockings:
Jobst Open Toe Beige Compression Stockings

These graduated compression stockings for nurses have several benefits. They are breathable, they are made of air covered spandex yarns and they were made of a 3-D knit structure making them one of the most breathable, most comfortable and durable compression stockings on the market.

Its open toe design allows some wiggle room for your toes. They are easy to put on and stay tight on your skin all day long thanks to the silicon dot band on the thighs.

Nurses can enjoy many benefits from these compression stockings.

Check out reviews and pricing options on Amazon


Increased circulation

I already mentioned this above. The increased blood circulation caused by compression stockings is one of the biggest benefits of these products. The circulation keeps your legs fresh and you will be able to work longer without feeling tired. Your leg muscles will recover faster. Inflammation, aching ankles and calf cramps will become a problem of the past.

Here is a video explaining how compression stockings enhance blood circulation:


As you can see there are many benefits of compression stockings for nurses. Whether you want to prevent muscle fatigue, swelling, or you want to be more hygienic during your shifts compression stockings are the perfect solution for you.


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