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Decorative Compression Stockings and Socks

There are countless benefits to wearing compression stockings. However the public views them as old fashioned products. People see them as clothing items only their grandmother would wear. Recently nurses, runners, teachers and people in other professions started wearing compression stockings. This proves they are perfectly acceptable for people of all ages. Decorative compression stockings can be a great clothing item if chosen with care and worn in the right circumstances. There are countless decorative compression socks available on Amazon. This guide will help you find high quality, fashionable graduated compression socks that help blood circulation and look good at the same time.

In this article I will look at how compression clothing items work. What are the features you should take into account when choosing the best decorative compression stockings? Which are the most decorative compression stockings?

In the end I will review several different decorative compression socks. These decorative compression stockings and socks are:

How Do Compression Stockings Work?

Pink nursing compression socks

Compression stockings help your veins transfer the blood up to your heart from your extremities. How do they achieve this? Well, the problem is that most veins loose their firmness as a result of constantly circulating blood against the force of gravity. The little valves inside the veins tire out. Compression stockings press your skin, which in turn compresses the veins. The walls of the veins regain their firmness. The blood flows quicker as a result of the smaller diameter of the veins.

It is no wonder that compression stockings prevent and treat varicose veins so well. Varicose veins appear when the walls of the veins become so soft that blood eventually stops and pools up in them. There are several ways to treat them, but increasing the firmness of your veins by wearing footless compression stockings is one of the best.

Decorative Compression Stockings

Well, most compression stockings are not very decorative. Most models available on Amazon are brown, beige or white. Some see-through compression stockings are available on the market too.

Decorative compression stockings have a big benefit over other models. They make you look great. If you are looking for something more traditional, try one of the best white compression stockings.

So there are not many options available for those who want to spice things up with compression stockings. However one can achieve the very same effect with compression socks. They help blood circulation just as much as compression stockings, and in some cases even more. Compression socks are even easier to put on. So there are added benefits to wearing compression socks instead of stockings. In the reviews I will recommend the same number of decorative compression socks as decorative compression stockings and then you will be able to make a decision.

Which companies manufacture decorative compression stockings? There is no one manufacturer who developed a identity about this. However there are several reliable companies who have experience and proved over the years that they can manufacture colourful, quality, durable stockings. These include AbsoluteSport, Jobs and Trueform among others. Click here if you want to read more about these brands. 

Which companies make the best decorative compression socks? There are many quality models on the market, which look good at the same time. There is no one model that is the best, most decorative.

Different Needs, Different Models

Decorative nursing compression socks

Decorative nursing compression socks

In the recent past runners have started to wear compression socks in order to compete better and recover faster after exercising.

Nurses are on their feet for hours during their shifts. For them keeping their legs fresh, and preventing muscle pain and calf cramps is a necessity. You can see more and more nurses wearing cute compression socks in order to feel fresh and full of energy during the workday.

Runners might look for decorative compression stockings which aid their recovery and enhance their physical performance.

For people who are working in offices the design and style of the product might be more important than other features.

Features of the Best Decorative Compression Stockings and Socks

Graduated compression

Decorative graduated compression stockings put increasingly larger pressure on your legs as they get higher. The pressure is smallest around your ankles and then gradually increases. Hence it’s name. This type of compression technology helps circulation the most without any adverse effects. Most decorative stockings and socks you will see work with this type of compression. On the other hand uniform compression puts the same amount of pressure everywhere on your legs. These models are used against swollen legs, and available only through doctor’s prescription.


No matter how decorative your compression stockings are, if they aren’t comfortable they are useless. Too loose stockings don’t put any pressure on your legs. The compression can’t have any positive effects. If the stockings are too tight, they obstruct blood flow rather than helping it.

Your stockings should feel a little tight when you put them on. However when they leave a mark on your skin, or your skin turns blue remove them immediately. That is a sure sign of poor blood circulation caused by too tight stockings.


The best decorative compression stockings let the sweat evaporate from your skin. This ensures hygiene and ventilation. There is nothing worse than sweating like a dog because the compression leggings don’t allow your legs to get any fresh air. This only gets worse if you are an active person. People who spend a lot of time on their feet – like nurses – are especially in need of breathable compression stockings.


Thigh high decorative compression stockings

There are different length decorative compression stockings available on the market. Full length models are also called thighs high compression stockings. These reach all the way up to the middle of your upper leg. Are they better than knee high stockings or ankle sleeves? Not necessarily. As a rule of thumb I advise people to get the shortest model that covers all the areas that could use a little bit better blood circulation. So if you have varicose veins on your thighs get models that cover those bulging blue veins. If you suffer from calf cramps knee high models will do. Why not get longer models? Because compression garments are not so easy to put on, and sometimes you sweat profusely under them. Especially if they have bad circulation.

Another choice you have to make is whether to go with a footless or a complete product? Footless models are easier to put on, so they might be a better choice for the elderly or those with hip problems.

Most decorative compression socks are knee high models. They  are excellent against calf cramps and swollen ankles.

Best Decorative Compression Stockings and Socks

MOJO Sports Thigh High Compression Stockings

Although available in only one colour, I love the red stripes on these black compression stockings. They are full of power. This model is a nice break from the regular, boring brown compression stockings available from most companies.  These footless compression stockings are excellent for sports as well as recovery.

They are on the strong side of the compression spectrum, putting between 20-30 mm Hg compression on your legs. They are a firm product, which reduces muscle vibrations. This reduces the risk of injury and forces your muscle to work in a more ergonomic manner. This helps you conserve energy.

Made of a moisture wicking mix of nylon and lycra, with silicone bands hugging around your thighs to keep the stockings in place.

MUM’s Memory Graduated Compression Socks

These decorative compression socks are available in no less than 34 different designs and colours. They all look amazing. I like the design called “New York”, their little black dots remind me of Dalmatian dogs. The “Green Bay” design is also great, an essential item in the wardrobe of every Packers fan looking to get compression socks. These socks are not only well designed, they are also made of great, durable materials. The signature Premier Microfibre material ensures the best fit and comfort.

These socks allow your feet to ventilate. They don’t absorb your sweat. This makes them hygienic and odor repellent.

The socks are extra comfortable thanks to the added ankle support. The heels and the bottom of the feet have extra padding in order to absorb the impact of your steps.

They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. They maximise the circulation of blood and promote quicker recovery from muscle pain and exercise. The company is so confident in the quality of their product, that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport are one of the best all around compression socks on the market. They are excellent for a wide variety of use, from nursing to running and recovery up to pregnancy.

They are durable and decorative without sacrificing any comfort. They are made of antibacterial fabric to prevent bad odour and bacterial growth. Perfect if you want to look stylish on the running track or in the gym.

They can be machine washed, which can save you considerable time.

Available in nine different colour combinations. Their versatility, comfort and design makes this model one of the most popular compression socks on the market.

Nurse Mate’s Graduated Compression Socks

This model is one of the favourite compression socks among nurses. They come in two different designs, the EKG and the polka dot. They put between 12-14 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. They are excellent, comfortable socks that prevent circulatory diseases, but also look great on your legs. They are an excellent choice for nurses who want to look fashionable and feel fresh on their legs during long shifts.

NEWZILL Decorative Compression Socks for Men and Women

NEWZILL has come up with a new material mix in order to stop bacterial and fungus growth while wicking moisture away. The company’s trademark ClimaPro technology ensures high breathability, temperature control and prevention of bad odors. The company designed these comfortable socks  in order to be easy to put on. They have a seamless design and quality stitching. This prevents skin damage and ensures durability.

They are available in eight different designs. From the colourful Rainbow Stripes to the reserved Carolina blue up to the classy Black-Grey Argyle everybody can find the model that suits them the most.

These decorative compression socks put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. This amount simulates blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to the muscles. This ensures maximum comfort, while preventing muscle pain, tiredness and varicose veins and other circulatory diseases.

SocksDaze Men’s Sports Elite Fashion Athletic Tube Socks

These are the perfect decorative compression sports socks. The added cushioning and ergonomic design of the heel and toes makes these socks comfortable. They reduce the impact of your steps on the ground. They are strong, durable, yet lightweight. The double welt top design makes the socks stay on your feet even during the most heated games.

They come in many different colours, so you can choose the one in your team’s colours. Excellent present for basketball, soccer or tennis players. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.


This article was about reviewing the best decorative compression stockings and best decorative compression socks. The best models differ for everybody, since everybody has different needs. However the features of the best models are largely the same even if you are a nurse, a runner, an office worker or you just want something to wear at home to refresh your legs. Do you have a particularly decorative compression wearable at home? Share a picture in the comment section below!





Benefits of Compression Stockings For Nurses

Nowadays more and more nurses started wearing compression stockings. But are these products helpful? What are the exact benefits of compression stockings for nurses? Do they prevent muscle fatigue and calf cramps like their manufacturers claim they do? Or are they just the most recent fad made up in order to part you from your money? Let’s take a look at what the science says.

At the end I will recommend two products. These are among the best compression stockings with the most benefits for nurses. These models are:

Empirical vs objective evidence

There are two types of evidence we can take into account. First, the experience and stories of those nurses who experimented with wearing compression stockings. Second, the claims of scientists and conclusions of scientific papers. Let’s examine the benefits of compression stockings for nurses from both angles.

So what does the science say?

Jobst Compression Stockings for NursesSeveral scientific papers investigated the effects of compression stockings and compression socks. One paper found that using compression stockings was effective in reversing the effects of deep vein thrombosis.

In another article about the effects of running compression socks I reviewed multiple papers investigating of the effects of wearing compression socks during runs and during recovery. Even though not all papers agreed over the extent to which compression socks helped enhance blood circulation, they all detected some kind of positive effect.

A scientific paper even investigated the risks involved with inappropriately applied compression stockings. In short, it is important to consult with a medical professional about wearing compression stockings if you have a history of skin damage. If complications occur, early intervention and proper treatment is necessary.

Empirical evidence

nursing compression socksAs far as evaluating empirical evidence goes, it is enough to check the reviews of compression stockings for nurses on Amazon to see how many people love and swear by them. Many nurses credit wearing compression stockings with a significant increase in freshness, reduction in muscle fatigue and calf cramps.

The website combines reviews and experiences of patients suffering from the same disease and trying similar treatment options. For compression stockings a majority of users found that they helped prevent blood pooling in their legs, ankle sprains and deep vein thrombosis.

I also know several nurses. They frequently complained of their long shifts. They suffered from muscle fatigue, calf cramps and swollen ankles at the end of their workdays. After they started to wear cute compression socks their feeling and overall wellbeing improved considerably.

How do compression stockings work?

Compression stockings achieve all their positive effects by helping blood circulation. The veins are responsible for circulating the blood from the extremities towards the heart. The veins gradually get tired in this job. The walls loose their firmness and the diameter of the veins increase. The blood suddenly flows slower in the veins, which means the blood washes out the waste materials from the muscles slower. Also the muscles get fresh nutrients and oxygen slower. This process leads to inflammation, muscle fatigue and cramps. If the blood flows too slow the extra fluids might get washed away slower, This causes swelling.

By putting pressure on the skin, and therefore compressing the veins compression stockings for nurses help quicker blood flow.

A residual effect of wearing compression stockings is that they force the muscles to work in a more economical way. By restricting the range of motion of the legs compression stockings force your leg muscles to get rid of any unnecessary movement patterns. This helps conserve energy and reduces muscles fatigue.

Benefits of Compression Stockings for Nurses

Why should nurses wear compression stockings? What benefits can nurses expects? What are the benefits of compression stockings for nurses?

Reduced fatigue

The improved blood circulation helps the muscles receive oxygen and nutrients quicker. The steady blood flow keeps your leg muscles fresh. This is a huge benefit of compression stockings for nurses.

Truform Women’s Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

This model has many benefits for nurses. Most importantly the 15- 20 mm Hg graduated compression that helps keep your calves fresh. These stockings reduce fatigue, but keep you comfortable. They are moderately strong compression stockings.

Excellent whether you are sitting down or you have to spend long hours on your legs. They relieve fatigue, swelling and help blood circulation. The heels are especially well designed for added comfort and durability.

Check out reviews and pricing options on Amazon


Most compression socks and stockings contain some kind of antibacterial material. These materials prevent bacterial and fungi growth. This keeps your legs more hygienic, which is an important point if you are about to wear compression socks for up to twelve or sixteen hours a day. Copper compression products are the best for this purpose. Keeping your legs hygienic and providing an antibacterial environment is one of the major benefits of compression stockings for nurses.


The looks of compression socks for nurses are very important. I presume you want to look good during your shift. Looking stylish is also one of the benefits of compression stockings for nurses. Check out these cute compression socks for nurses and these decorative compression stockings for fashionable product ideas.


Many stockings for nurses also have anti-odor material. Preventing bad smells is an important feature if you have to be on your feet for hours on end. One of the greatest benefits of compression stockings for nurses is the door control they provide. Even if you sweat all day from being busy on your feet you won’t smell anything.

Climate control

Most compression stockings are made of materials that let your skin breathe. This helps keep them cool even during the warmest summer months. Also if you work in a cold hospital, you might want to wear thick compression stockings that keep your skin warm even during the coldest winter months. Staying in cold for long might lead to muscle damage in the long run. Preventing this is a major one in the long line of benefits of compression stockings for nurses.


The firm, yet comfortable feel of compression stockings if one of the biggest benefits for nurses. These stockings hold your legs like a cradle without restricting your range of motion. This will force your muscles to work in a more economic way, and use less energy. Also the firm structure prevents your ankle joints twisting in case you take a bad step.

Graduated compression

The best compression stockings for nurses are almost all graduated compression stockings. This type has the strongest compression around your ankles and then the pressure slightly subsides as the stockings get higher on your legs. This technology aids blood circulation the most without side effects. The compression stockings help the veins fight against the force of gravity where it is strongest, and the veins are most prone to loosening up.

Graduated thigh high compression stockings:
Jobst Open Toe Beige Compression Stockings

These graduated compression stockings for nurses have several benefits. They are breathable, they are made of air covered spandex yarns and they were made of a 3-D knit structure making them one of the most breathable, most comfortable and durable compression stockings on the market.

Its open toe design allows some wiggle room for your toes. They are easy to put on and stay tight on your skin all day long thanks to the silicon dot band on the thighs.

Nurses can enjoy many benefits from these compression stockings.

Check out reviews and pricing options on Amazon


Increased circulation

I already mentioned this above. The increased blood circulation caused by compression stockings is one of the biggest benefits of these products. The circulation keeps your legs fresh and you will be able to work longer without feeling tired. Your leg muscles will recover faster. Inflammation, aching ankles and calf cramps will become a problem of the past.

Here is a video explaining how compression stockings enhance blood circulation:


As you can see there are many benefits of compression stockings for nurses. Whether you want to prevent muscle fatigue, swelling, or you want to be more hygienic during your shifts compression stockings are the perfect solution for you.


Cute Compression Socks for Nurses

Now almost every nurse I know wears either compression socks, sleeves or stockings. However there is still an outdated idea floating around that these clothing items are boring. Only your grandma would wear them. But is this true? I find this to be furthest from the truth. There are lots of stylish, cute compression socks for nurses on the market. Let’s take a look at these models. This article will recommend a few different cute compression socks for nurses that will make you look young, stylish and awesome.

Cute Compression Socks for Nurses

Here is a list of the cute compression socks for nurses. They all aid blood circulation and help prevent venous diseases. You can choose from any of the items on the list, and you can be confident that leg pain, swelling and cramps you so often experienced after long shifts will become a thing of the past.

If you are not convinced whether you should wear compression socks during your shifts, here is a video to convince you once for all:

I did my best to mention the positives of all the product on the list, but if you wish to know more about them you can read hundreds of Amazon reviews for each one.

First, let’s take a look at the cutest compression sock for nurses :

Nurse Mates Compression Trouser Socks

What makes these compression socks the cutest of them all? The cheeky, playful Ekg lines in different colours. The design of these socks shows they were designed with nurses in mind. They are playful, cute, stylish without being too goofy and over the top.

The Nurse Mates Trouser Socks are not only cute compression socks for nurses, but they are effective too. They put 12-14 mmHg graduated compression on your legs. This is a mild form of compression. It is not going to solve your problems if you are suffering of really serious venous diseases, such as advanced cases of varicose veins. However if you feel leg pain, cramps or see that your ankles are swollen at the end of your shifts these are excellent cute compression socks for you.

Their material makeup makes them very comfortable, with extra cushions at the heels and the toes. They are knee-length compression socks, made of an extra soft microfibre blend. Excellent if you want to feel comfortable, stylish and fresh during your shifts. All of these positives combined make this model a cute pair of compression socks for nurses.

Nurse Mates Women’s Wide Calf Compression Sock

These cute compression socks for nurses were designed for those with wide calves. If you have especially muscular calves, and regular compression socks don’t come up to your legs these will feel more comfortable.

The extra cushioning around the knees and toes makes this model an especially comfortable one. This is a very important feature for me. After all nurses spend long hours on their feet. Comfort has to be a major factor in which compression socks one chooses.

A-Swift Compression Socks

The design of these socks is awesome. They are available in 29 different colour combinations. My favourite is the rainbow stripe models. However I can imagine some people loving the “Polka Dots” or the “Ocean Harmony” designs. But these socks are not only about looking good. They have considerable health benefits too. They have silver yarns and anti-bacteria fabric. This stops the growth of bacteria, deodorises and keeps you dry even if you wear them longer.

The fabric has moisture-wicking qualities. These are breathable socks that let your sweat evaporate from your skin. This keeps your legs dry, and regulates temperature.

The socks put 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. This means the pressure in highest around your ankles, where the veins have to work the hardest to keep the blood flowing. As the sock get higher on your legs the pressure slightly subsides. This type of compression technology helps blood circulation the most without adverse affects. This makes the A-Swift Compression Socks excellent for preventing muscle pain, calf cramps and swollen ankles.

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks

If you decide to purchase these compression socks you get three pairs of quality socks with unique colour combinations. This makes FuelMeFoot one of the best budget choices among cute compression socks for nurses. The material has copper content, which serves as antibacterial material. It prevents fungi and bacterial growth. It also removes bad odors.

The 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression supports blood flow and circulation. This reduces swelling, varicose veins, muscle cramps, stiffness and calf pain. The enhanced blood circulation prevents muscle fatigue, so your legs will stay fresh even during the most demanding shifts.

The company is so confident in the quality of these cute compression socks for nurses that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these compression socks, they will refund your money no questions asked.

Mum’s Memory Graduated Compression Socks

Available in 34 stunning designs. My personal favourite is the “Zebra”, but I can easily imagine myself in the “Christmas Red” around the holiday season. These are seriously cute nursing compression socks.

These graduated cute compression socks for nurses make life fun and will make you seem fashionable and a fun person.

Made of the company’s signature premier microfibre material for excellent fit and comfort. The material holds your legs like a cradle, while reducing irritation and letting your skin breathe. The antibacterial qualities of the socks prevents fungi development and bacterial growth.

The 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression helps prevent venous diseases, and leg pain after long shifts. Swelling will be a problem of the past if you wear these graduated compression socks to the hospital.

The company offers a 200% one-back guarantee on these cute nursing compression socks.

Gone For a Run Compression Knee Socks

I love the smiley faces on the front and back of these compression socks. How could you not include this model on a list of cute compression socks for nurses? They are available in nine different colours. My favourites are the “Make Me Smile” that has smiles in the front and the back. However I also like the pink of the “Run Girl Run” design. I wouldn’t wear the “Cheers to Beer” model to the hospital, but it would make an excellent pair of party socks.

All of these socks are designed and made in the USA. This ensures high quality craftsmanship and excellent quality.

These socks put between 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression on the legs, which makes them excellent recovery socks. Apart from recovery, this compression range is excellent for keeping your legs fresh through increased circulation.

They are perfect socks for anybody who spends extended time on their feet. These cute compression socks are made using a special type of “performance yarn”, which provides maximum comfort and superior muscle support.


There are multiple cute compression socks for nurses on the market. The key is to choose a model that has a design you love. However the model also has to be breathable, must have antibacterial qualities, and it must apply adequate graduated compression on your legs. This list of cute compression socks for nurses only features products that satisfy all the above criteria.

White Compression Stockings for Nurses

Compression stockings have become more and more popular among nurses. This is very reasonable if we consider all the positive effects of compression garments on blood circulation and health of the extremities. Graduated compression stockings help prevent muscle pain, calf cramps and fatigue. However nurses also wish to look great in the hospital. White goes excellently with the colour of their scrubs, so more and more healthcare workers have started to wear white compression stockings for nurses.

The thing about nursing compression stockings is that they are visible. Most scrubs end around the knees, so everybody can see the socks or the stockings the nurse is wearing. This is why so many nursing compression stockings have fun, but stylish design. Some stockings are see-through, some come in a brown colour, but some are white. In this article I will review the best white nursing compression stockings.

The models I will review in this article are:

SOOVERKI Knee-high Graduated Compression Stockings

Truform Closed Toe White Compression Stockings

Truform Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

Best White Compression Stockings For Nurses Features

There are a wide variety of compression stocking brands available for nurses. There are also different types of socks available.

But what are the defining factors of the best white compression stockings for nurses? What defines the best products? Which features are absolutely essential, and which are unnecessary extras that were only invented as a sales gimmick to separate you from your money.

Graduated compression

This is a must. Graduated refers to the compression technology used in the stockings. The pressure is largest around the ankles, and gradually subsides as the stockings get higher on the legs. Hence its name.

This type of compression aids blood circulation the most without any adverse side effects. The compression helps the valves circulate the most where the force of gravity pulls on the blood the strongest.

Most compression socks and stockings you will find on the market are graduated. Medical compression stockings are available only with doctor’s prescriptions, and they are mostly used with bed ridden and edema patients.


Since shifts for nurses can last for twelve hours or more, breathability is a must when it comes to compression stockings.  If the material is not breathable, your sweat can’t evaporate from your skin. You would be walking in stockings soaked in sweat. This would be very unhygienic and uncomfortable.

Most products are made with a special knitting technology using spandex and nylon. Sometimes mesh is added to this mix. This makeup ensures comfort, breathability and…

Perfect fit

The compression stockings have to fit your feet perfectly. If they are too loose, the stockings can’t affect circulation in a positive manner. If they are too tight the stockings will cut off blood flow rather than helping it.

Most stockings have a rubber band at the top. This top keeps them attached to your legs and prevents them from slipping down.

Make sure to always check the size chart of a product on its Amazon page before ordering it. Also the reviews might give a hint whether the product is smaller or larger than you would expect.

Without further ado let’s look at the best white compression stockings for nurses. Which products should you consider buying?

SOOVERKI Knee-high Graduated Compression Stockings

These compression stockings have high nylon content. They have up to 85% nylon. The quick drying fibers of these socks prevent bacterial  and fungi growth. The material makeup is ideal for people with sensitive skin, the material is super comfortable.

The SOOVERKI compression stockings put between 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression on your lover legs. This is an ideal strength even if you suffer from calf cramps. With these socks the frequent leg pain you experience at the end of your shifts will be gone for sure.

Not only are these quality products, they are also cost effective. You get six pairs of compression stockings for the price of a regular pair of compression socks. The company is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have any problems with the comfort, fit or compression of the stockings just send them back and they refund your money no questions asked.

Truform Closed Toe White Compression Stockings

An extremely comfortable pair of compression stockings created with therapeutic comfort in mind. These unisex white compression stockings hold your legs firmly. The toe pockets are very comfortable. They provide support for your toes, but at the same time don’t hold them too tightly. These socks do a great job of finding the middle ground where they are just firm enough around the toes without obstructing it.

Their compression range is in the high levels. They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. This makes them excellent for treating even acute cases of leg pain. Also if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, lower leg varicose veins or shin splints these stockings can be your saviour. Use them if you suffer from leg swelling or inflammation.

FDA approved to assure successful treatment and quality compression.


Truform Open Toe Knee High Compression Stockings

This model is the same as the model above, with a crucial distinction. It is an open toe model. It is designed for those who like a little bit more wiggle room around their toes. This also means they are easier to put on. You can pull them on your legs like tubes. This might make them easier and more comfortable to apply for those with hip problems.


Nurses can benefit immensely from compression stockings. White compression stockings for nurses look good with the scrubs used in most hospitals, which makes them essential clothing items for any nurse who wants to work free of leg pain, swelling and calf cramps.

Best Brand of Compression Stockings for Nurses

I know many nurses. Most of them started wearing nursing compression sleeves and socks. Since wearing these socks they experienced a significant improvement in wellbeing and comfort. Those nurses who don’t yet use compression stockings often ask me which is the best brand of compression stockings for nurses?

The Truth

There is no one brand of compression stockings that could be labelled as the best one when it comes to manufacturing compression socks for nurses. However there are a number of companies that have plenty of experience when it comes to manufacturing compression gear. These brands include Jobst, Absolute Support or Truform. These brands all produce excellent compression stockings that can prevent leg pain so common among nurses.

The best nursing compression stocking brand varies on what type of compression stockings the nurse is looking for exactly. Is she looking for full length or knee-high compression stockings? Is she looking for see through or more stylish models?

Without further ado let’s take a look at the best brand of compression stockings for nurses, and the best models of each of these brands. What are the positives and negatives of each of these brands?

Jobst Relief 20-30 mm Hg Thigh High Open Toe Beige Compression Stockings

 Jobst has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high quality, durable compression stockings. Their excellent, graduated compression models are popular among nurses. One of their biggest positive is the unique knitting technology with which they are made. Jobst uses special 3-D knitting technology and air covered spandex yarn. This gives the stockings soft touch and a special, comfortable feel. This is essential if you want to wear the stockings during your long shifts, hours on end. The stockings have a snug fit, and stay in place. This is partly due to the comfortable silicone band at the top, which keeps them attached to your thighs. These unisex compression stockings provide relief from varicose veins while preventing swelling and leg pain. Their design and comfortable feel definitely makes Jobst one of the best compression stocking manufacturers around.

AbsoluteSupport 20-30 mm Hg Graduated Compression Stockings with Control Top

AbsoluteSupport is one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses. It is an excellent company when it comes to manufacturing figure flattering compression stockings. These products for nurses make your figure look smaller, thus making you look like you just lost a few pounds. These nursing compression stockings put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated pressure on your legs. Graduated compression means the pressure is largest on the ankles, where the veins have to work the hardest to transfer the blood up towards the heart. Then the pressure slightly subsides as the stockings get higher on the legs.  This significantly enhances your blood circulation and helps relieve pain. It also helps end swelling and prevent calf cramps.

They go very well with sandals, slippers and other comfortable footwear items. They have a footless design, so you can wear socks over them. They let your feet move around freely,

The only negative to these nursing compression stockings is that they are only available in black. However if you don’t mind, they can be an excellent choice for you. AbsoluteSupport is one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.

Truform Closed Toe Graduated Compression Stockings

These knee high graduated compression stockings are made of nylon and spandex. They put between 20-30 mm Hg graduated compression on your legs. One of their biggest advantage is their comfort. They are often used for therapeutic purposes. They are recommended for bed ridden patients who need their circulation enhanced to prevent serious muscle damage. The care with which they were manufactured makes them ideal for nursing, long flights, as well as pregnancy.

They are made of a mix of nylon and spandex. This results in durable fabric, which gives your legs long lasting medical grade support. This is essential if you wish to feel fresh and full of energy even after long shifts. Truform compression stockings will prevent swelling and inflammation in your legs and your feet.

The stockings cover your feet as well as your legs. This model is recommended if you feel pain in your feet after long work shifts. The graduated stockings enhance the blood circulation in your feet and thus heal problems like plantar fasciitis.

These compression stockings earn Truform a place in the pantheon of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.

Trueform 1772 Women’s Compression Stockings

These compression stockings are also a product of Truefrom. They are very similar to the model above, however they differ in two fundamental ways. They are toeless models, and they put between 15-20 mm Hg graduated pressure on your legs. The pressure levels are slightly lower than with the closed toe models, so these stockings are best when it comes to treating mild cases of venous diseases.

The toeless design affects mostly comfort. There is some additional wiggle room for your toes. This also makes them a little bit easier to put on. The stockings have rubber bands at the top, which keeps them in place, prevents them from falling down even during the busiest days in the hospital.

Trueform is represented with two compression stockings on this list, which shows you that they are one of the best brand of compression stockings for nurses.


There are many different compression stocking brands that manufacture products for nurses. The best brand of compression stockings for nurses manufacture comfortable graduated compression stockings that help prevent common venous diseases among nurses.


Best Running Gloves: How to Find Waterproof and Windproof Running Gloves

It is very rare that I read any blog posts talking about the best running gloves. Or that I hear runners talking about their favourite running glove models. I think most runners don’t realise how important these pieces of equipment can be if you like to run outside during the cold winter months.

It is possible to get by without gloves. You can just touch out the cold. You can also pull the sleeves of your compression shirt or your running jacket over your wrist. Although this is going to be uncomfortable. And it is going to take your focus away from running. Who wants to be focusing on the sleeves of his jacket, instead of your steps, the scenery, or the signals of your body.

Knitted Wool Gloves for Running

I personally used to run with knitted wool gloves on my hands. I cut off the fingers so I could use the touchscreen on my phone when I wanted to change the song I was listening to. The problem with wool gloves is that they are not breathable. They absorb the moisture, the sweat from your hand. The gloves would get soaking wet, and after a while my hands would start freezing. Running in knitted wool gloves is not a good idea.

Instead in this article I recommend four different running gloves. They are the following:

When Should You Wear the Best Running Gloves?

The time to wear the best running gloves depends mainly on the temperature and the weather. I usually start wearing them when the temperature drops under 30 degrees. However I can take cold pretty well. I have friends who start wearing them as soon as the weather gets a bit chilly and foggy in the autumn. The warmest running gloves are too hot around 60 degrees in my opinion, but thinner models might do a great job. So all is relative.

Everybody is different. However if you are thinking about not using running gloves, keep in mind that your extremities can cool down faster than your core. This is due to the distance of your extremities from your heart. Your hands have only small capillaries in them, so no matter how good your circulation is, they are going to cool out fast.

Some companies manufacture waterproof running gloves. I like these models, and I might wear them even if it is raining in warm weather. Especially if the wind starts blowing. It is not that I can’t take a little bit of rain, but sometimes it is raining in such an uncomfortable way, and the wind is blowing the raindrops all over the place. Then I like to be more comfortable and go running in my warm, coasy waterproof running gloves.

How to Find the Best Running Gloves

If you want to buy the best running gloves, you have to make the same decision you would when buying the best thermal running pants, or any other piece of running equipment. You need to make a conscious decision about what type of gloves you want. Which features are a must for you? Which are only nice to have. Also make a decision about how much you are willing to spend on them. Then find the best thermal gloves your money can buy. As with most running gear, the premium models are going to cost you. However you can find very similar models, that offer great value, no matter your budget.

Here are some features to consider when shopping for the best running gloves.


This is not the most important thing in most runners’ minds, but come on. If you spend top dollar for a pair of premium quality running gloves, you want them to look good on you. You want them to match the colour of your other running clothes. Thankfully most great running gloves come in a variety of styles and colours.


You need to know in what temperature you want to wear the gloves, and find the model with the appropriate warmth. Are you going to run in sub zero temperatures? Are you just going to go for a brief morning jog on the sands of ocean beaches? Cold means completely different temperatures in these two contexts.


Warmth and wind protection are all about the materials and the knitting technology used. The best running gloves that protect you against the wind  are made of multiple layers. Usually there is a comfortable inner layer. The send or third layers are either knitted on the outside of the gloves, or in some cases sprayed. The best windstopper gloves are also breathable. These models are on the pricey side, since it is hard to produce a glove that keeps the wind out, but lets the sweat evaporate from your skin. But such gloves are worth the investment.


When talking about waterproof running gloves, don’t expect models that keep you dry even if you take a dive into the ocean. These gloves are great for keeping the rain off your hands. Just like with windproof gloves, the models which are waterproof but breathable are premium models, but a worthy investment in my opinion. Especially if the climate in your hometown makes it so.


Needless to say, if your gloves are too tight, or too loose you will not enjoy your run a lot. Too tight running gloves can create problems by cutting off blood circulation at your wrist. This is very unhealthy, dangerous and makes your hands even colder.


There are running gloves on the market that have zippers on them. I prefer these gloves, because their fit can be adjusted by how much you pull the zippers up.


This is a huge one for me. With the advent of smartphones and touch screens you need the tactile function of the fingers on the glove. Wool gloves and cheaper running gloves don’t work with touch screens. The screen just doesn’t recognise them. It would be very frustrating to take off your gloves every time you want to switch to a different song. The best running gloves have touch-screen compatible forefingers and thumbprints.

The Best Running Gloves

AOFU Winter Gloves

First and foremost I fell in love with these gloves because of their design. They have zippers on the upper part, which ensures perfect fit. They also look badass. Three fingers have fingertips that you can use with the touchscreen of your phone. They are super light and elastic. They preserve heat excellently. The palms of the gloves are covered with anti-slipping silicone. These are one of the best water resistant running gloves on the market.

Prodigen Outdoor Winter Running Gloves

These running gloves were designed for the really cold days of winter, as their name suggests. They are made of premium Dacron and fluff material. The thumb and index fingers can be used to control your phone. These winter running gloves are not only warm, but they are windproof and waterproof too. There is a zipper on the back of the glove, to adjust their feel and fit.


Manzella Ultratouch Gloves

These gloves are windproof, and very comfortable. It is enough to look at the raving Amazon reviews to be convinced about their quality. All the fingers have digital grid reflexive rubber prints. The outer layer is made with a silkweight windproof layer. These glover are only available in one colour, black. This is probably their only downside. They are available both for men and women.


TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Running Gloves

These running gloves designed for women are available in three different colour combinations. They are made of a special stretch polar tech power stretch fabric. This is just a fancy term, but what I know for sure is they are super soft and keep your hands very warm. They pull up on your hands and hold them like a cradle. These gloves are touchscreen compatible. I huge plus about these gloves is that you can try them out without any risk. They come with a total money back guarantee. If you don’t like them, just send them back and the company refunds your money, no questions asked.


The best running gloves are an important piece in your running equipment. Waterproof and windproof models keep your hands warm, clear and dry. Use them in the right conditions, and keep your hands warm.


Best Running Spandex Shorts: Reviews and Buying Guide

Running spandex shorts are excellent clothing items for both serious and recreational runners. They give support to your glutes and thighs, help you stay cool and let the sweat evaporate from your skin. Spandex is used in most compression shorts especially for its ability to wick moisture away from the skin.

They can be used as undergarments under running compression shorts or thermal pants. They can be used as underwear during your workouts. This article will give you advice on how to choose the best running spandex shorts. Where should you buy running spandex shorts? What are the features of the best running spandex shorts?

Spandex Shorts: From Obscurity to the NFL

The heyday of spandex shorts came in the 1980s, as people became more conscious of their health and started exercising on their own. Spandex is made of a polyester and polyurethane blend. It is often referred to as elastane. Manufacturers often use the term Lycra, which refers to the same material, but it is the Dupont company’s name for the blend.

Spandex is used for manufacturing a whole line of different compression gear items. It is used for making running compression socks, shirts, and even compression sleeves. It is used together with a lot of different materials, to create cheaper as well as high end workout materials. It is often used together with nylon, or even silicone to create durable, breathable and stretchable workout gear.

The days when spandex shorts were only used by women are over. Nowadays they are used by NBA players as well as NFL players. Running spandex shorts can help increase blood flow as well as recover faster after exercising.

Buying Running Spandex Shorts

The key to buying the best running spandex shorts is the same as with any running gear. You need to find the best item for your budget. The key is being clear on what features are a must for you, and than getting the product with those features that fits into your budget. You need to choose a product that looks good on you too. The style of the spandex shorts is just as important as its design.

There are a wide variety of running spandex shorts on the market. There are premium models with all the bells and whistles you could think of. There are also value models that offer you excellent quality for a small price.

Compression Spandex Shorts

Many compression shorts are made of spandex. What is the difference between compression spandex shorts and regular shorts? Compression shorts help blood circulation. They compress the veins, which makes their diameter smaller, which in turn speeds up blood flow. This effect of compression shorts helps your muscles recover faster, because the lactic acid and other waste materials get washed out of the muscle faster. A study done in Australia confirmed that compression shorts increased lactate clearance from the muscles.

It also helps athletic performance. Although the scientific studies differ on the helpfulness of compression shorts during competition, several studies confirmed the positive effects of compression socks on lowering heart rate, improving time to exhaustion and increasing oxygen uptake during runs.

Spandex compression shorts are often worn by runners as well as professional athletes. They are made of a mix of spandex and nylon or polyester. However most manufacturers have their own knitting technologies which makes most products on the market unique. High end spandex compression shorts often contain a blend of copper infused nylon to make them more hygienic. Copper has natural antibacterial qualities.

Premium running spandex compression shorts are superior in the way their seams are designed. They either have flatlock seams or they are totally seamless. Poorly designed seams cause skin burn and chafing.

The premium compression models usually have strong pressure. They come with larger than 20 mm Hg pressure. mm Hg is a measure of pressure, often used for measuring the strength of compression. Compression shorts come in the following pressure ranges:

0-10 mm Hg: low compression: These spandex shorts are best for preventing circulatory problems.

10-20 mm Hg: medium compression: These products can help your running performance and recovery more. They are excellent for treating varicose veins on your thighs.

20-30 mm Hg: strong compression: These spandex running shorts help circulation the most. They are excellent for both preventing and treating injuries, circulatory diseases and recovering.

over 30 mm Hg: These compression shorts are so strong that they are available only if a doctor prescribes them. They are often used after surgery to treat bed ridden patients.

The best compression running spandex shorts use graduated compression. This compression technology puts the most amount of pressure on the spot just above your knees, and the pressure slightly subsides as the shorts get higher on your legs. This helps the veins transport the blood where they have to fight the pull of gravity the most. Graduated compression helps blood circulation without side effects.

Workout Spandex Shorts

There are models on the market that don’t come with compression technology. These are suitable as underwear, or for yoga, working out in the gym or aerobics. They are just as comfortable as their counterparts with compression technology, however they don’t have any effects on your blood circulation.

In my opinion these spandex shorts are often not as well designed. Their seams are of inferior quality. The bands that hold them to your thighs are sometimes too strong. They leave a mark on your skin. In my experience it is better to spend more on premium quality spandex compression shorts, than spending half the price, but ending up with a product that is uncomfortable. If you don’t feel good in them, you are not going to wear them. In that case the money you spent on them is wasted.

Cheap Spandex Running Shorts

These are the spandex shorts you see most often. They are stretchable, don’t restrict your range of motion and come in a variety of different styles. You can see many of them if you go to an aerobic class. They are often used as a base layer when working out in cold weather. I have a few of these at home, they are good to pull out of the cupboard when I haven’t washed my favourite compression spandex shorts and I need to go running. I use them as emergency options. They are not very well designed, they don’t come in a variety of styles, but every once in a while they are ok and they get the job done.

The Best Running Spandex Shorts

There is no one single model that could be labelled the best running spandex shorts. Every person’s situation is different. How much do you exercise? Do you want a model with compression, or without? Which colours do you like? And most importantly, what is your budget? I am not a fan of overspending on anything, and you can get decent quality shorts for a small price. However if you go running almost every single day, investing in a top quality spandex running short is worth it.

2XU Men’s Elite Compression Shorts

These shorts are made of a blend of lycra and nylon, which ensures stretchability and comfort. They are excellent for getting the most out of yourself while running, as well as recovering between workouts. You can wear them alone as your workout shorts. They are tight and sit comfortably around your thighs so you can wear them as a base layer under your running pants. They are machine washable, which is a huge plus. You can save a lot of time by not having to hand wash them between workouts. They can’t be tumble dried, so drying them out will take a bit of time. The graduated pressure technology gives you performance benefits during exercise. It reduces fatigue after workouts, and improves circulation overall.

Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short

This compression short is made of a blend of polyester and spandex. What I love about them is that they keep your skin dry during workouts. They are very breathable. This is due to the quick-drying champion vapour technology, which evaporates moisture fast. This is aided by Champion’s moisture management technology, which wicks moisture away from the skin. The flat lock seams protect your skin against chafing and rashes. They are machine washable. Some reviews suggest they can be machine dried.

Nike Men’s Pro Shorts

Made of 90 % polyester with 10 % spandex. Nike’s signature Drive-FIT technology helps you stay dry and comfortable during your workouts. The mush gusset adds ventilated support to keep you cool and comfortable. Comes with a 6-inch inseam. The elastic waistband at the top keeps the short fitting to your body perfectly. It stretches perfectly to take up the contour of your waist. Some reviews complain that they are a bit on the tight side. However I have found them to hold just fine. I like it if my shorts are a little bit tight, they give better support to my thighs and my glutes.

Baleaf Women’s Running Shorts

Made of a breathable material mix, that lets your skin breathe. These lightweight shorts wick away moisture from your skin, and dry quickly. This keeps you comfortable even during long runs. It comes with a back pocket, where you can store your phone or car keys. I love the reflective visibility strips on the sides of the shorts. These reflect back the car lights. If you like running during the night, these are the perfect shorts for you. Available in eight different colours.

Homma Women’s Running Shorts

These running shorts come with a tummy control band. This band is a stretchable, wide waste that helps shape your body and gives more structure to it. They are tight fitting around your legs and butt, but they are especially tight at your stomach. They have no distinct crotch are, and have a seamless design. This makes them very comfortable. The shorts put graduated compression on your skin, enhancing blood flow. This helps you recover faster and get better results during your workouts. Made of non see-through materials, and available in 24 different colours.


There are many different spandex shorts on the market. Some are graduated compression spandex running shorts, while others have no compression technology at all. I hope you could find the model you were looking for in one of the five models chose here as the best running spandex shorts.

How Long Should You Hold a Yoga Pose for Maximum Health and Spiritual Benefit?

Since I started doing yoga to complement my running routine, I was wondering how long should I hold a yoga pose. If I am in class, the instructor always goes onto the next pose, and I follow her. In that setting, the answer is evident. But what if I am doing yoga alone, at home. Well, then the answer is not so clear. As it turns out, the duration of a yoga pose depends on the type of yoga you are doing. So there is no definitive answer to the question: how long should you hold a yoga pose?

How long should you hold a yoga pose… in different yoga styles

For example I started doing bikram yoga.There a pose can go anywhere between 20 second up to 2 hours. However different studios differ on this, even though buckram yoga should follow a very strict order of poses. Vinyasa yoga looks more like a continuous dance, a flow. There a yoga pose can last anywhere between 5 seconds and 20 seconds. Since Ashtanga focuses on breathing more, there a pose can go on for at least 45 seconds, but more importantly you always have to perform at least five breaths in one pose. Hatha yoga is the most straightforward, they hold each pose for one minute. In Yin Yoga you might hold passive stretches for up to five minutes.

No matter which style of yoga you start, it will help you challenge your limiting beliefs, master your body and calm down your mind. A good rule of thumb to follow when holding yoga poses, is that they are not intended to cause you any harm. If you feel pain or you feel yourself stretching way beyond your comfortable limits, you should stop. There is a sweet spot you can hit where you are pushing yourself just enough that you are out of your comfort zone, but you are not causing yourself any long term injuries. There is a sweet spot to reach between attempting to get better and tolerating pain.

But shouldn’t you keep poses as long as possible? How long should you hold a yoga pose? Well, as I wrote you want to avoid long term injuries and pain. The secret is to build up gradually, each time holding a pose a little longer.

How long you should hold a yoga pose depends also on the type of yoga you are doing. Certain types require you to hold distinct poses, then stop and do breathing exercises. Other are more like a continuous dance, a flow where you don’t hold any poses for an extended period. You just flow from one to the other.

The importance of stretching and visualisation

In order to hold a certain yoga pose for an extended amount of time you will need to be stretched and warmed up. Before starting a yoga session do some individual stretching. Ten minutes to stretch your extremities, your spine and get your joints moving should be enough. If you have time, meditate a little bit. This calms down and prepares your mind for the yoga class.

Have you heard the saying: it is all in the mind? Well, it is true when it comes to holding a yoga pose for an extended period. After warming up, imagine yourself holding a certain pose as long as you have never done before. This will help you leave behind your limiting unconscious beliefs. It will help you hold a yoga pose longer than you have ever imagined.

What are the factors that influence how long you should hold a yoga pose?

  • Style of yoga: This is obvious.
  • Your physical fitness: The stronger and more flexible you are, the longer you can hold certain yoga poses.
  • Your yoga experience: Logic dictates that more experienced people can hold yoga poses for longer.
  • Your age: Children and the elderly should pay special attention to what their body says.
  • Injuries: Muscle tears can make certain poses more painful than they would be normally.
  • Your state: When you are tired, exhausted or burned out, you might not be able to put as much energy into your yoga practice as you normally would.
  • Your clothing: If you wear clothing that is unfit for yoga, you are not going to stretch very far. See our reviews of the best yoga pants to make the most of your yoga classes.

What are the benefits of holding a yoga pose longer?

Holding a yoga pose longer helps you build strength and stamina. It also teaches you to overcome mental barriers and step out of your comfort zone.

After you have been holding a pose for an extended amount of time your body goes on autopilot. Suddenly you can focus on your thoughts, think and meditate.

If you don’t quite have the pose down to perfection, you can practice your alignment. Try subtle changes to perfect your alignment. The longer you stay in the correct alignment, the more it will burn into muscle memory. Next time you will be able to perform the pose perfectly.

Whenever you leave your comfort zone and hold a pose successfully, you build self esteem. When you stay in the pose and your body goes on autopilot, you can focus on your thoughts. You will have certain thoughts coming up that you would not feel otherwise. I feel that I have my best thoughts while I am running, and after a certain distance my body just goes on autopilot. My thoughts wonder and I get brilliant thoughts about work, relationships or anything I am struggling with at that moment. You will have similar experiences if you hold a pose for long.

How long should you hold a yoga pose for meditative effects?

Holding a yoga pose for several minutes calms down the mind. It is like meditation. But it takes practice. And being present to the moment. The first time you try this you will start thinking about an angry conversation you had with somebody, or what you had for breakfast. But after a while you will be able to stay in the present and declutter your mind.

So how long should you hold a yoga pose to achieve this effect? There is no concrete answer. There are several factors that influence this, but as a general rule just listen to your body and hold the pose as long as you don’t feel severe pain.


Best Foods for Runners: Fuel Your Body While Loosing Weight

There is a saying among athletes and coaches: You can’t balance a poor diet with training. Another saying I hear even from people who are not professional athletes: You are what you eat. Both are true. Diet is a tricky subject for runners, but an even more important one.

Runners have to pay a lot of attention to their diets. Their sport puts a significant strain on the body. The muscles and joints need the nutrients to recover. Most runners take in enough calories, but mostly in the form of processed foods, such as grains, energy bars and fizzy drinks. The truth is, raw vegetables, fruits and lean meats are the way to go if you want to consume both enough calories and nutrients.

Runners need to have a wide variety of foods on their plates each week. In our modern world it is very difficult to get enough of each vitamin. Inside the body the essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals – work together with thousands of other chemicals to keeps the vital systems of your body functioning. Grains, fats and oils are also vital for keeping these systems going. If the body gets enough of these, that results in a healthy life.

But getting all the different nutrients is hard. After all, you can’t make a checklist with hundred plus items and check each day if you had enough of them or not. Well, here are a few rules to make your life easier.

If you are looking to recover sooner after a demanding run, you can learn more about the subject from this article. Wearing one of the best compression socks for running can also help you recover faster.

1. Your five-a-day: Eat different coloured fruits and vegetables 

Everybody knows that eating vegetables and fruits is good for you. But in order to get the best benefits, you need to eat a wide variety of them. When you walk into the grocery store, you can see hundreds of different colours of vegetables and fruits. Try to use as many colours in your diet, just like a painter would on his canvas.

Just to illustrate our point, here are a few examples. The yellow bananas are extremely rich in vitamin C. Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants. Carrots and sweet potatoes get their orange colours from beta-carotene. This chemical is also an antioxidant, and has been shown to improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s.

2. Supplements are not enough

Nutrition companies offer a wide variety of excellent supplements. However taking just these supplements in isolation is not enough. These supplements have to interact with other compounds in your body, hence the importance of a varied diet. To continue the last example, taking only beta-carotene in a pill would not have the same effects as having a nice sweet potato salad together with lentils, spinach, and a nice grilled chicken breast on the side. In the second example all the other minerals, vitamins, oils, carbs and fats mix together and provide you with healthy fuel.

3. Don’t forget the seeds

Seeds are a vital source of two necessary nutrients: essential fats and antioxidants. Antioxidants found in seeds include phenolic compounds and ferric acid.

Seeds can help you improve health, and control your body weight. Whole grains and seeds lower the risk of developing diabetes and cancer, and they lower your cholesterol levels.

4. Eat fruits and veggies with their skins intact

The fruit skin is rich in fiber, since it has to protect the fruit from UV light, parasites and other invaders. The skins are full of phytochemical for this exact reason. Resveratol can be found in grapes, quercetin in the skin of onions. Both prevent prostate cancer and are vital for the immune system.

The skin of vegetables is also necessary for the bacteria inside the bowels. These also lower the risk of hemorroid and helps avoid constipation. Studies have shown that fibers from vegetable and fruit skin blocks absorption of up to three or four percent of calories consumed. This is how eating vegetables and fruits together with their skin can help you loose weight.

Although a vegetarian diet can be healthy, studies suggest that in the long run it can lead to problems. The body needs certain minerals and vitamins that are most common in meat. Also there are vitamins that are better absorbed if they are taken in meat form.

There are certain “experts” who link meat consumption to higher risks of cancer. What they don’t mention, that a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Excessive consumption of meat, and fatty meats are what get you into trouble.

5. So which are the good meats?

Nutritionists always talk about eating lean meats. But which animals count a lean meat exactly? Poultry and eggs are the two most recommended products for runners. These provide you with the minerals that would be hard to get from other, non-animal sources. Iron and zinc are hard to come across in other foods, but they are essential for red blood cell generation and maintaining a healthy immune system. Getting them from meat makes them easier to digest than if you would get them from other sources.

If you can afford it try to eat meat mainly from free-range animals. Grass-fed beef and free-range poultry contains higher levels of omega-3 fats, and less saturated fats.


Best Thermal Running Tights for Cold Weather

Thermal running pants – often referred to as thermal running tights – are similar to regular running tights. However they are designed specifically for those who wish to run in cold weather. They are an essential element of anybody who wishes to exercise outdoors during the cold winter months. Let’s see which are the best thermal running tights for men and women.

Although don’t expect them to keep you so warm that you can take a stroll in the woods in the Alaska winter, but they provide warmth and keep your body heat while running outdoors. They provide more heat than regular running tights. There are other features the best thermal running tights have. Some come with graduated compression technology. Some are breathable. Some have antibacterial qualities. This article will examine what are the qualities of the best thermal running pants, and what you will need to look out for if you want to choose a durable, stylish, comfortable model for an affordable price.

If you want to work out in the park, or go trail running rather than be a slave to the treadmill in the gym, these thermal running pants are an excellent choice.

Thermal running tights: what makes them the ideal cold weather running pants?

Thermal running pants are surprisingly similar to their normal counterparts. However they have an extra layer for additional heat retention. This layer is usually made of a synthetic material. The outer layer is made of neoprene, lycra or spandex. In expensive thermal tights the outer layer is applied chemically, so for the untrained eye they look like just one layer.

Thermal running tights are recommended for everybody who likes running. If you don’t wear warm enough clothing, your muscles and joints might catch a cold. This can lead to serious problems down the road and even stop you from working out all together.

It is not necessary to wear another layer over thermal tights, although I can see runners doing it a lot. You should wear underwear with them, just like you would under running compression pants. You might consider looking at our recommended running jackets and running shirts.

Features of the best thermal running tights

Before we look at the features of all the best thermal running tights, here are the models I recommend:


This is the feature I deem the most important. No matter how cold it is, you will sweat in your running tights. If the sweat is trapped under the pants, it might cool out and you will start to shiver. You might catch a cold. Then wearing thermal running pants is completely unnecessary. Not to mention that sweat is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. If the sweat can evaporatete from your skin, your pants will be a lot more hygienic during long runs. Breathable materials allow your body to react to changes In temperature. Sometimes you start the run in acloudy, cold weather, and then the sun starts shining and the temperature rises. Breathable thermal running tights allow your body to react to such changes.



Maybe this quality is even more important than the first one. What good would your thermal running pants be, if they wouldn’t keep you warm during your runs? How can you inspect whether the pants you are considering buying are warm enough? The easiest is to go through some reviews on the Amazon page. A rule of thumb is to choose thermal running pants that have two layers averywhere. Cheaper pants usually have double coverage only at the joints. These products provide some protection for those critical areas, but your thighs and glutes might catch a cold.


I choose thermal running pants the same way I choose compression pants. They are best when they fit perfectly. This means they should feel a bit tight when I first put them on, but not so tight that I experience swelling or loss of blood flow. If the pants are too tight, they will restrict your movement. If they are too loose, they might cause chafing. Especially on the inside of your legs. Make sure the pants fit perfectly there. If the tights hug around your body, you will be more aerodynamic. You will be able to move more swiftly. In case you go trail running, the pants won’t get caught in the bushes. If the pants embrace your ankles tightly, the heat can’t escape.


This is not so much an issue during the winter, but it can be important at the start of the spring, or during cold autumn months. When the snow starts melting, water in the puddles can splash up to your ankles. Then it is really important to have waterproof thermal running tights. Such models either have a layer of neoprene on the outside, or they have a waterproof layer sprayed over on the outside.


It might seem that seams are not a big deal – see hat I did there? – but they are. Poorly designed seams can cause chafing, irritation and skin burn. Nothing ruins a nice Sunday afternoon run quicker than the seams rubbing against your skin. You feel the pain, push through it and when you pull off your pants you see the bloody wound caused by faulty seams. To avoid this look for flat lock seams or thermal tights with a seamless design.


This is something everybody has to consider. If you have an unlimited budget, you can go for the most expensive product with all the features you want. However if you have a limited budget, I suggest you do the following: Write down which features do you consider a must in your thermal running tights, and which are just nice to have. Choose the cheapest product that has all the musts. The point is, that there are excellent running tights that have all the features, but they go for over hundred dollars. But you can get similar quality for a cut price if you are clear on what you want exactly, and if you can find a good deal. Be vary of the really cheap thermal running pants imported from China or Vietnam. Although you can find some good deals among them, I had bad experiences with manufacturers who sell shoddy products in the hope of making a quick buck.


Although the manufacturer of the pants is not a guarantee, certain brands are major players in the compression wearables market. They accumulated decades of experience and continued to refine their products based on customer feedback. Some brands offer a 100% money-back guarantee. These deals allow you to try out the product at home, even take it out for a run before deciding if it is the right product for you or not.

Best Thermal Running Tights for Cold Weather

Without further ado, let’s look at the best thermal running tights available on the market.

Baleaf Men’s Windproof Thermal Pants

A value pair of running tights that allow you to enjoy training outdoors even in cold weather. Made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex, these windproof thermal pants allow your skin to breathe while wicking sweat away even during long runs. Stretchy material, with mesh behind the knees to allow breathability where you sweat the most. The knees are covered by stretch nylon for additional freedom of movement. This pair of thermal tights even has a small back pocket for storing items such as your keys or mobile phone.


Baleaf Women’s Thermal Running Tights

A huge positive of these leggings is their reflective elements that make you visible even during late night runs. This is crucial for avoiding injuries and accidents. Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Stretchy, comfortable material that wicks your sweat away. Comes with soft fleece inside that provides long lasting comfort and long lasting warmth. A mid-priced option available around thirty dollars.



Tesla Men’s Thermal Wintergear Leggings

These thermal running pants are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. As a result they fit your legs perfectly. They come with fleece lining for extra warmth. These stretchable running tights don’t restrict your movement but hold your warmth inside. They come with Tesla’s signature moisture sensing technology. They dry really quickly while allowing two way air circulation. An excellent choice for a small price. If you get lucky you get these leggings for as little as ten dollars.




2XU Women’s Thermal Compression Tights

This is the first item on my list with graduated compression technology. This type of compression helps blood circulation during workouts, and then increases blood flow. These thermal compression tights for women are high quality, comfortable and durable. They can be used as base layer leggings, but they are great on their own over thirty degrees. They have extra protection around the calves to prevent injuries and getting cold. They come with a drawstring waistband for perfect fit. Comes with a 12-month warranty. A pricier option, but they are definitely worth it.


Sugoi Women’s Midzero Tights

Sugoi has earned the respect of runners all around the globe, having provided us with comfortable, stylish and durable compression garments for years. These tights have two layers, one of them the trademark Sugoi Midzero. This is why these pants are excellent for really cold weather. The work excellent as an outer layer worn over compression shorts.



Nike Pro Thermal Tights

Nike has become a more and more important player in the running tights market. These tights are made of a blend of polyester and elastane that results in a durable, stretchable pair of compression tights. They keep you warm, don’t restrict your motion, and overall they can be considered excellent all around compression tights.




UnderArmour Men’s Base Layer Leggings

If you are looking for thermal tights to use just as base layer leggings, these are the best in my opinion. UnderArmour makes the best running compression shirts, and they make similarly superb base layer leggings. It has a brushed negative grid interior that traps hot air and provides superior warmth. The four way stretch fabrication allows extraordinary mobility in all directions. The special UnderArmour Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away and keeps your body dry. The anti—odour technology prevents bad smells and growth of odour causing microbes.




Having the best thermal running pants for cold weather is a must for any serious runner. If you don’t train in excellent thermal running tights that keep your joints and muscles warm you can develop complications that can cause you problems for years. It is enough to wear simple running compression tights over thirty degree, but below that you must wear either an extra base layer, or specialised running tights for cold weather.

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